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How To Look Like a Doll

If you’re a true doll lover, then you are familiar with the wide variety of dolls out there. On this site alone, there are a ton to choose from. You may or may not want to look like your favorite picks, but if you’re interested in looking like a doll, your first step is to choose which doll you want to emulate.

China Dolls

Porcelain china dolls have their own distinctive look. This probably isn’t something that you want to go for before you head off to school, but for a party or something fun, this could be the doll look for you.

Doll Face

Now if what you’re going for is more of a natural look, the kind of smooth look that might get you the nick name ‘doll face’, then you’re going to want to ditch the bright red lipstick and the baby powder white skin. Try this:


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