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Cartoon Doll Emporium (CDE) is a virtual playland for tweens that features the largest collection of original cartoon dolls online. Ranked by Comscore as one of the top 10 most popular kids destinations online, CDE is visited by more than 6 million different people every month. In addition to its collection of dolls, CDE also features arcade games, cute pictures, contests, a forum, and one of the most unique social networks online.

In our social network, users create avatars, buy and sell items with virtual currency, take on jobs, earn reputation, and engage in elaborate make-believe games. All CDE members can be as involved in the pretend life of MyCDE as they wish; they do not have to pay to participate, and everyone is treated equally.

CDE Strives to be a leader in online safety. It is fully COPPA compliant, electronically protected, and moderated by human beings 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

MyCDE Social Network / Virtual Playland

MyCDE is one of the most unique places online. It is part gaming experience, part social network, part virtual playland. It is a place where you can fully express you personality as well as make new friends!

Here are some of the many things you can do on MyCDE:

  • Dress up an avatar to represent your style and mood, or let your imagination run wild and dress it up as silly as possible.
  • Decorate a virtual room and add your own personal flair!
  • Adopt a pet! Play with your pet anytime or visit a friend's playground so your pets can play together.
  • Raise a baby! Customize your baby's personality so she will grow up happy and healthy. See if you can avoid all of the potential problems and be a successful parent!
  • Get a virtual boyfriend. Safely explore the world of dating - without all the heartache, of course!
  • Express yourself! Use our blogs to write diary entries, advice columns, or just express your amazing ideas! Your blogs can be broadcast to all MyCDE members, or they can be private. It's up to you.


Our philosophy is that CDE should be a fun and safe environment where everyone is treated cheerfully and fairly. Our founder, Evan Bailyn, is inspired by Walt Disney, whose vision was to create a truly magical experience where imaginations could freely roam and one could feel a pleasant escape from everyday life. Our visitors are young girls and we acknowledge that there are a lot of challenges in the life of a modern pre-teen, or "tween." CDE is a safe haven away from those challenges, a place where girls come to be girls and just have fun.

The type of experience we foster on CDE is largely creative. We believe that kids should feel that they have control over their entertainment experience. Dolls have always been about developing one’s identity through role-playing. We at CDE believe that the choices kids make in role-playing games impacts how they learn to socialize and the kinds of adults they become.

At CDE, we strive to empower children with choices and allow them to utilize their greatest asset: imagination.


Cartoon Doll Emporium was launched in January 2006 by entrepreneur and eternal child Evan Bailyn. Within a year, it became one of the largest children's sites on the internet. It currently receives more than 6 million unique visitor each month.


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