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Cartoon Doll Emporium is the safest and most creative virtual world for girls. Based upon the popular concept of dress up games, CDE appeals to kids and parents alike for many reasons.
  • CDE is fully COPPA-compliant and has consistently exceeded its standards of safety and protection for children. Our staff consists of certified child safety advocates, teachers, psychologists, and other passionate minds dedicated to creating a wholesome environment for children. Unlike other sites that focus on emulating celebrities and models, CDE is truly a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world.

  • CDE helps kids to develop their sense of identity by inviting them to design an avatar, adopt a pet, raise a baby, decorate a room, blog, and form their own clubs. It also gives kids a platform on which to write original stories, create art projects, and make friends around imaginative activites.

  • CDE has more original games for kids than any other website online. In addition, CDE leads the way in creating the most innovative dress up games online, which are widely imitated but never duplicated.