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Taylor Swift on Cover of British Vogue

October 3rd, 2014


If you live in the United Kingdom, you may very well be seeing Taylor Swift‘s face on the cover of November’s Vogue UK magazine! Photographer Mario Testino took some awesome shots of Tay for November’s 2014 issue of British Vogue. Believe it or not, it’s the first time Taylor has been on the cover of British Vogue!

The pop star sports some pinks and blues while getting comfy for the camera with a pretty funky hair style! Taylor dishes to the magazine about why she isn’t dating right now, her new album and more! You can get a sneak peek below but you’ll need to buy the magazine to see the full interview!


“This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things. . .Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

“Dating or finding someone is the last thing on my mind, because I can’t picture how it could work with the way my life is. . .I don’t know how a guy is supposed to walk next to his girlfriend when there are 20 men with cameras, and he can’t protect his girlfriend because that’s the life she chose. I just don’t see how it could work, so I don’t think about it, and I kind of run from it when it presents itself. ‘Cause I don’t think any guy really… They think that they would want to get to know me, and maybe date me, but I don’t think they want what comes with it.”

What do you think about Taylor Swift‘s interview with “Vogue UK” magazine? Will you be picking up a copy?

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Throwback Thursday: Jennifer Lawrence

October 2nd, 2014


With the next installment of “The Hunger Games” hitting theaters next month, we thought it would be the perfect time to do a Throwback Thursday post about the actress who plays Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence! J-Law has had a lot of great roles over the years and even more amazing fashion choices at the big award shows, so it was pretty easy to pick some of our faves for throwbacks! The one above is from the Oscars this year!

jennifer lawrence 2013 met gala

Last year, Jennifer wore an awesome black tea length gown to the 2013 Met Gala. In 2015, the star will be hosting the Gala, alongside Gong LiMarissa Mayer, Wendi Murdoch and Anna Wintour! Next year’s theme will be “Chinese Whispers: Tales of the East in Art, Film and Fashion.”


At the beginning of the year, Jennifer rocked a white and black Dior gown to the Golden Globes that made quite the splash! It even started a huge internet joke of people trying to dress like her!


Here is a brand new still of Jennifer Lawrence playing her character Katniss Everdeen in the upcoming “Mockingjay Part 1″ flick! Not really a throwback, but we couldn’t resist sharing the new photo!

Which Jennifer Lawrence look do you like best for Throwback Thursday? Who else do you want to see in a TBT post?

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Fashion Hot or Not: Selena Gomez’s Paris Fashion Week Style

October 1st, 2014


Actress-singer Selena Gomez was spotted at a Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2015 even for Louis Vuitton today, October 1st in Paris, France. She hung out with friends Miranda Kerr and Odeya Rush after shopping at De Grisogono in the City of Light.

The star wore a beautiful and super fun dress to the fashion show that we think was the perfect fit for the runway! The mixed patterns matched with her gorgeous shoes and pretty hairstyle. We think the look was definitely Paris Fashion Week worthy, but what do you think about Selena‘s look? Take our poll below and tell us in the comments!

Is Selena Gomez's Paris Fashion Week look a fashion hot or not?

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Fashion Poll: Which Chloe Moretz Look Do You Like?

September 27th, 2014


Actress Chloe Moretz was in New York City wrapping up her promo for “The Equalizer,” her newest film! In it, Chloe plays “Teri” who is a young girl who is under the control of gangsters, and needs help getting away from them! It will surely be an action packed flick.

While in the Big Apple, she was spotted wearing two really great looks! One is a beautiful striped shirt and white skirt look, and another is a more casual sneakers and tee style. We think both are pretty great, but which do you like better? Take our poll below and make your choice known in the comments!

Which Chloe Moretz look is your fave?

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Taylor Swift Rocks School Girl Look

September 22nd, 2014

Taylor Swift


Looks like Dakota Fanning isn’t the only one rocking the school girl look this Fall! Singer Taylor Swift was also spotted wearing a cute plaid skirt paired with knee highs and a sweater while taking her adorable new kitty cat, Olivia Benson, out for a stroll! The duo was spotted looking pretty in New York City outside of Taylor‘s fancy apartment.

Taylor Swift

We guess that means the plaid skirt/sweater/knee high socks or boots look is going to stick around for this season, and we have to say we are pretty excited for it! It’s such a cute look and knee high socks and cozy sweaters is such a great way to stay warm while being stylish and cute at the same time!

What Fall fashion trends are you looking forward to wearing this season? Are you hopping on the plaid skirt-knee highs trend like Dakota Fanning and Taylor Swift? Would you ever take your kitty cat for a stroll outside?

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Olivia Holt: New Face of Wallflower Jeans!

September 21st, 2014

olivia holt


Actress Olivia Holt smiles brightly for her campaign photo as she is the new face of brand Wallflower Jeans! Olivia, star of TV show “I Didn’t Do It” shared the big news on her Instagram account with the above photo, stating,

“So stoked to announce that I’m the new@wallflowerjeans girl! Be on the lookout for a chance to win @wallflowerjeans swag & to meet me!”

Later, she shared the below photo and said,

“Rocked my fave denim’s last night at the @peoplesmag #StyleWatchParty #Revolve@wallflowerjeansgirl”


olivia holt

Last year’s face of the Wallflower Jeans campaign was Bella Thorne, so Olivia is in good company! We look forward to seeing her around for the upcoming year!

What do you think about Olivia Holt being the face of Wallflower Jeans? Do you own any pairs of Wallflowers?

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Fashion Poll: Dakota Fanning’s NYC Look

September 20th, 2014



Actress Dakota Fanning was spotted this week in New York City wearing a super cute plaid school girl skirt and a really cute sweatshirt that says “White Cat” on it with a pic of a white kitty cat! It was a really adorable punk inspired outfit that paired perfectly with the knee high tall boots and sunglasses she wore. We love the look she was sporting, but maybe you think that the school girl look is only meant for wearing at school!

Take our poll below and then tell us in the comments what you think about Dakota‘s look! Would you ever wear it yourself outside of your school?

Do you like Dakota Fanning's NYC style?

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Get The Look: Vanessa Hudgens Shopping Spree

September 19th, 2014


Vanessa Hudgens was seen recently in a beautiful bridesmaids dress at her bestie Ashley Tisdale‘s wedding, but that isn’t how she normally dresses! The actress prefers things a little more bohemian chic for her everyday wear.

Vanessa was seen leaving one of her fave stores, Urban Outfitters, in Studio City, California after a shopping spree and she was wearing a really funky maxi dress with big sunglasses- a look that is totally her! We thought it was a pretty great (and comfy!) look too, so we came up with a few alternatives that Vanessa would be proud of. The best part is you can get the complete look all in the same store. Hooray for one stop shopping! Find out how you can get her look below!

urban outfitters

Our first stop was the place Vanessa was shopping to begin with: Urban Outfitters! We found a great maxi boho dress there (above) and colorful “Emma” shades (below) that we know she would like!

Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

free people maxi

Another store we thought had Vanessa‘s name written all over it was Free People! There is a very boho vibe in their clothes that is perfect for her. We liked this Float On A Sunbeam Maxi (above) because the flowing chiffon can be belted to make the dress fancy if it needs to be! To match, we went with the Abbey Road sunglasses!

free people sunglasses

blue maxi dress at h&m

One last store we found Vanessa‘s style in was H&M! We loved the ruffle on the top of this blue maxi dress (above) paired with the fun purple, pink and grey shades (below)!

light grey sunglasses at h&m

Now you just have to stick your hair in a messy top bun and you are all set! We hope you liked our Vanessa Hudgens shopping spree picks! Isn’t shopping with us fun?!

Which Vanessa Hudgens look above do you like best? Would you rock any of these outfits?

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“Marie Claire” UK Cover Girl: Lily Collins

September 16th, 2014



Actress Lily Collins (of “The Mortal Instruments”) is the face of October‘s issue for Marie Claire UK! The 25-year-old daughter of Phil Collins sat down with Marie Claire for an interview alongside her awesome feature spread photo shoot. Want to learn a little bit more about Lily, including her reaction to losing a role on “Gossip Girl”? Read some of the interview below!



On losing out the “Gossip Girl” role: “I tested for Gossip Girl. I wanted to be in it so badly, I thought at the time it was the end of the world. Now I think, ‘Well I would have got pigeon-holed, have had to move to New York, leave high school and be signed away for six years. I wouldn’t have done the films I’ve done, and everything would have been so different.”




On fellow actresses Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence: “It’s definitely not normal. There are preconceived ideas about them and the media wants to prove them wrong or find fault in them. They feel that, because they’ve known them since they were young, there is an ownership of their personal life. Jennifer and Kristen have done such a great job of navigating that; they’re witty, strong, funny, cool, young women. It’s really just nice to see that it’s possible to go through something like that and still be genuinely awesome people.”


On being the daughter of Phil Collins: “When I first met with agents I was asked, ‘Well, what makes you so special? Everybody in LA is a cousin or a daughter of someone.’ At the beginning, that was the most interesting thing about me. Now I’ve done eight films, it’s an afterthought. I get kids who say, ‘Oh, I love your movie, but my mum loves your dad.’ It’s really nice to be able to share that with him, but it doesn’t define who I am career-wise.”


Be sure to check out Lily‘s interview in Marie Claire to find out more about the rising star!

What do you think about Lily Collin‘s interview? What is your favorite outfit from the photo shoot?

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5 Fall Must Haves

September 15th, 2014


Fall is almost officially here! We rounded up five styles that Fashion Week taught us are going to be totally in this season and gave a few examples of our favorites right here for you to see! Check out our five must haves below and tell us in the comments which one you like the best!



Big on the runway for this season were all things knit and crochet! Tons of designers incorporated the needlework looks into their sweaters, dresses and other accessories making knitwear a total Fall must have! We love this Shaker-Stitch sweater from Old Navy. It’s simple yet can be dressed up or down!

h&m jacket

Oversized coats, sweaters and pants are making a come back this season, which is pretty great if you need to stay warm and want to layer! This wide-cut wool blended jacket from H&M is the perfect way to stay on trend.

ski cap

These printed ski caps, sweaters and scarves remind us of log cabins and all things rustic, but they aren’t just for ski weekends anymore! This fair isle trend is a comfy one to get behind. We like this one from

western hat

Speaking of hats, we saw a lot of cowboy hats on the runway for the Fall! That’s right, western is apparently IN right now. Check out this Renegade by Bailey’s Sims Hat also from!


A last runway look we like for Fall is the sneakers trend! While we totally adore boots in the fall, we’ll be happy to slip on a pair of our comfy sneaks and let our feet sigh with delight. We like these Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Tribal sneakers we found at Zappos.

What Fall 2014 trend do you like the best? Will you be rocking any of these to school?

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