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Maia Mitchell on “Seventeen Magazine Prom”

December 26th, 2014

Actress Maia Mitchell wishes you have the best prom EVER in this “Seventeen Magazine” Prom issue photo shoot video! The “Fosters” star is the cover girl for “Seventeen”‘s dress issue. Along with her interview, she dons many different beautiful gowns during her photoshoot, some of which you can see below in the video for the shoot! Watch it now and let us know which one is your favorite! Then read a few clips of Maia‘s interview to see what she is up to.



About what dress Maia would have worn to Prom: “I wanted to wear a salmon-pink halter dress with a low back. My hair would be in a loose, messy, curly updo so that you could see my shoulders. My friends and I decided that we would all go together, makeup-free, and wear these stunning dresses.”

About social media: “I get on social media sometimes. I think it’s good to find a balance and to be able to put your phone down. It was really important for me to do that while I was filming [Teen Beach Movie 2]. I was in a foreign place and having a really good time. It was good for me to be able to step back and enjoy the experiences that I was having in the moment without feeling the need to share it with the entire world on social media.”
sev-Maia-Mitchell-Sev-Prom-4-copy-lgnAbout how to look good for a photo: “Pick a dress you feel really confident in and then you won’t be worried how you look in pictures. Then you just need to smile and remember to have fun. When you look back at the pictures, you want to remember exactly how great that night was.”

Which dress do you like best from Maia‘s selection? What are you wearing to prom?

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Five Fave Ugly Holiday Sweaters

December 18th, 2014


With Christmas just ONE WEEK AWAY, we are currently picking out our outfits for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. At least one of the days we plan on wearing an ugly holiday sweater- maybe even both days! We found a bunch of really cute but hideous sweaters at several different stores, and we thought we would share them with you just in case you want to pick one up before next week!
ugly sweater

Two of our favorites comes from Target! In fact, Target has a huge collection of ugly sweaters for men, women and children! The one above is so cute, featuring a kitty saying “Bah Humbug”! The one below is also fun, with a tree that has rhinestones and pom poms on it. Adorable!

ugly sweater

Next up, we found a great option from Amazon. It’s so funny! It’s got three gingerbread men on it who are trying to run away because Santa is going to eat one of them!

ugly sweater


Another option we like isn’t actually ugly at all- it’s quite cute! It’s a plain ivory sweater with a reindeer on it with eyelashes, made out of little gold sequins. It comes from Kohls!


ugly sweater


One last sweater we’re obsessed with comes from Forever 21. It’s a puppy frolicking in the snow, but it doesn’t even look like a puppy which makes it funny and ugly at the same time! Perfect for the season!


ugly sweater

So cute! We can’t wait to go shopping! We hope you liked our ugly holiday sweater picks.

Which ugly sweater do you like the best? Are you going to wear one this Christmas?

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Get The Look: Ashley Greene’s Casual Style

December 3rd, 2014



“Twilight” actress Ashley Greene was spotted on Monday, December 1st doing a little grocery shopping in Beverly Hills, California. The star wore a simple sweater, jeans and boots- a simple look that will never go out of style! We really like her casual outfit so we thought we’d search for a few pieces that mimic her look. Check out our finds below so you too can get the look!

white sweater

First off, you’ll need a plain white or cream colored sweater. We found two that rock from Forever 21! The one above is called the Classic Cable Knit Sweater and the one below is the Feeling Festive Sequined Sweater. How sparkly!

white sweater

Next up you’ll need a pair of skinny jeans! Nothing too fancy is needed, that’s why this look is so perfectly casual! That’s why we headed over to our staple favorites at Old Navy- the Rockstar jeans!

skinny jeans


Lastly you need boots! Ashley‘s are two-toned navy casual boots and quite unique, but we found these pretty navy ones that remind us of her style! The ones above are from Bearpaw and the ones below are from Zigi Soho. Both can be found at DSW!


Throw on a pair of oversized shades and pick up a few paper grocery bags and you’ll probably be mistaken for Ashley Greene! We hope you liked our picks!

What do you think of Ashley Greene‘s casual look? What is your favorite piece?

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2014 AMA Fashion!

November 28th, 2014


You already know who all the winners are from the 2014 AMAs (American Music Awards) the other night, but do you know what all the celebs wore down the red carpet that night? Check out the amazing fashion worn by your favorite stars, performers and more!

taylor swift ama

Taylor Swift went from beautiful golden elegant tea length gown (above) to fun beaded party dress (below) all in one song! The star made sure her outfit matched her personality as she sang “Blank Space” in the opening act of the night.

taylor swift ama

Charli XCX also made a quick wardrobe change on stage to match her song, with this fun fluffy ballgown the beginning of her “Boom Clap” performance.


charli xcx


Selena Gomez, who sang “The Heart Wants What It Wants,” wore a gorgeous neutral colored gown by Armani. Everyone loved her performance, including bestie Taylor Swift, who cried during it!




nicki minaj


Nicki Minaj wore a fun black party dress from Alexander Wang (above) on the red carpet, but changed into a gold ensemble (below) for her performance with Jessie J and Ariana Grande!


nicki minaj


Lastly, here is a shot of what your favorite boy band, One Direction, wore to the show!



Did you watch the American Music Awards? Who wore your favorite outfit?

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Get The Look: Taylor Swift’s Chilly Weather Outfit

November 14th, 2014


The weather is getting chillier outside, so Taylor Swift is beating the cold air while looking totally stylish at the same time. She wore a navy sweater that reminds us of the ugly Christmas sweaters we love so much, with a knit hat, burgundy pants and tall boots. We think her look is cozy and adorable, so we found some items for you to wear to score her look!



First up you will need a sweater! We like this cable knit bear sweater from Kohl’s!



The burgundy ankle pants from Target are perfect for the look!




This pom pom hat may not be green, but we like it anyway! It comes in grey, pink and mustard yellow, also at Target!



These Croft & Barrow brown boots from Kohl’s pull the entire look together. Such fun!

We can’t wait to see what else Taylor wears during the Winter season- we know it will be amazing and we can’t wait to try and find things to match her!
What do you think about Taylor Swift‘s outfit? Will you get any of these pieces?
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Fashion Poll: Ellie Goulding

November 8th, 2014


British singer Ellie Goulding was spotted on Wednesday, November 5th at the H&M x Alexander Wang Launch party in London, England. The star wore a plain black tank paired with AW gray leggings and some funky lace up boots. Her look was very clean and simple and great for a launch party! What do you think about Ellie Goulding’s H&M x Alexander Wang Launch look? Do you think she was too dressed down for the event? Take our poll below and then let us know in the comments what you really think about her outfit!

Is Ellie Goulding's outfit appropriate for a launch party?

View Results

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Get The Look: Shailene Woodley

October 25th, 2014

shailene woodley

Actress from the “Fault In Our Stars,” Shailene Woodley, was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week. While there, she rocked an all gold and black outfit that was super unique and cute! We really loved the satin floral pants paired with the beautiful marigold tank and black shoes. We thought we’d try to duplicate her look, or at least come up with one that was worthy of Shailene! Check out our ideas below!

charlotte russe pants

We really like these High-Waisted Damask Print Trousers from Charlotte Russe! They are super pretty!

forever 21 pants

If you don’t like the pattern but still want the shiny look of satin or silk pants, you can grab a pair of plain black ones from Forever 21 above! We really like the Colorblock beaded tank below, too (also from Forever 21!)

forever 21 tank

We also really like this Kenneth Cole Knit Top from Lord & Taylor! So sparkly and totally something we could see Shailene wearing!

lord and taylor tank

Lastly, we found a pair of shoes from Forever 21 that fit both the shiny and black categories! The oxford lace ups we found are called Faux Patent Leather Oxfords and we love them! They’d be super cute with any outfit!


What do you think about the pieces we picked to look like Shailene Woodley‘s? Which is your favorite?

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Get The Look: Halloween Edition

October 17th, 2014

When it comes to spooky Halloween themed clothes, ModCloth has it all! If you search their Halloween shop, there are 232 items that screeeeeam “Halloweeeen!” We picked our faves to share with you here, though we really love all 232 of them! We hope you like this fun and creepy edition of “Get the look”!

ModCloth Dresses

First up are three dresses we absolutely adore! The first is called the Black Cat It Again Dress and is a purple dress covered in black cats with a black belt. So cute! The middle dress with the skeleton bones all over it and white collar is called the Rad To The Bone Dress. The last dress is covered with spiderwebs, has black tulle sticking out from under it and a black belt bow (and is our favorite one!) is named the Spellbound To Astound Dress. ModCloth has the best item names!

skeleton shirt

Next up are a couple of shirts we totally love. The tank above is the Feeling Spine Top and is a really fun x-ray type of shirt that would go great with jeans! The sweater below is the Itsy Bitsy Rider Cardigan, with spiderwebs and spiders on it! We are pretty sure we would wear that any day of the year- not just Halloween.

spider cardigan

Lastly we picked a bunch of accessories we thought were the perfect fit for the season.


These Skull Pride Flats remind of us Day of the Dead, which reminds us of The Book of Life, which reminds us to head to the theater this weekend!

candy corn earrings

These Favorite Favor Earrings are little candy corns that will super cute with any Halloween outfit this year!


These last Generation X-Ray Socks will be crazy cute with any skirt you are wearing with your Halloween costume this year, or even any dress you plan on wearing! We really love them!

That’s our round up of adorable Halloween themed clothes! We hope you liked it!

Which item do you like the best from ModCloth? Would you wear any of these clothes for Halloween or any other time of year?

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Poppy O’Hair’s Spelltastic Makeovers!

October 14th, 2014


If you are a lover of “Ever After High” then you probably are obsessed with the show’s quirky characters too! Five of our current favorites are both Rebels and RoyalsPoppy O’Hair, Lizzie Hearts, Holly O’Hair, Cedar Wood, and Dexter Charming! We just can’t get enough of them! We even made a game called Poppy O’Hair’s Spelltastic Makeovers to celebrate just how much we love these guys. We’ll talk about the game in a minute, but first let’s learn a little bit more about each of them!


Poppy O’Hair is a Rebel, and the daughter of Rapunzel. Her twin sister is Holly. Poppy is super artsy and even cut her hair short and dyed half of it purple! That makes her the perfect person to work in Tower Hair Salon! Her faves include punk music and chicken wings.


Lizzie Hearts is a Royal, and daughter of the Queen of Hearts. Just like her mom, she has a British accent and loves using the phrase “Off With Their Heads!” Her deck of magic playing cards can build anything she likes, which is pretty cool! Her bestie is Kitty Cheshire.


Holly O’Hair is a Royal, unlike her sister Poppy. She loves reading fairytales and wants to write a book of her own. Her fave food is salmon and she hates heights.


Cedar Wood is a Rebel, and the daughter of Pinocchio. She’s also artistic and loves to paint. She’s made of wood just like her father, and is cursed with having to always tell the truth until she graduates! Her nose is always stuffy since she can’t lie.


Dexter Charming is a Royal, and son of King Charming. His twin brother is Darling Charming and his older brother is Daring Charming. Dexter is super sweet but kind of quiet and shy and awkward. His roommate is Hunter Huntsman.

Mattel made dolls of each of these guys, so you can totally put them all on your Christmas list this year! We know we will be asking Santa for them!

Now for the game! In Poppy O’Hair’s Spelltastic Makeovers you get to do what Poppy is so great at- give makeovers to her friends Lizzy, Cedar and her sis Holly! It is a super fun game and you’ll want to play over and over so that you can style each character. You can play right now below!

What did you think about our Poppy O’Hair’s Spelltastic Makeovers game? Who is your favorite “Ever After High” character?

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Fashion Hot or Not Poll: Katy Perry’s Shoes

October 13th, 2014

pumpkin shoes


Katy Perry is ready for October! Or at least, her feet are! The pop star snapped a pic of her pumpkin flats and shared on Instagram with all her followers, saying,


The Halloween-y shoes are from fashion designer Charlotte Olympia, who dreamt up those famous kitty cat shoes we love so much! She also has new glow in the dark cat shoes as well as spiderweb high heels, too! (pictured below) Take our poll and let us know if you’d ever rock Katy‘s style, and let us know in the comments which pair of shoes you like the best!

charlotte olympia


Would you wear the pumpkin shoes that Katy Perry wore?

View Results

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