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Spencer Sutherland “Nothing Can Hurt Me”

January 9th, 2015

spencer sutherland nothing can hurt me

We are loving Spencer Sutherland‘s new single called “Nothing Can Hurt Me”! It is super chill, relatable, and mellow- not to mention catchy! He shared the artwork for the single (above) along with a link to hear it on his Instagram page, saying,

“So excited for u guys to hear my acoustic single “Nothing Can Hurt Me” on @fanlala ! Go listen on .. this is for u guys “

The 22-year-old singer has a new EP coming out called “Unveiled” and he just dropped the album artwork for it (below) on his Instagram page as well! He shared,

“I can FINALLY share my album cover for #Unveiled…. What do you think? If u like #NothingCanHurtMe you’re going to love my new EP which comes out 1/13! Preorder your copy, link is in my profile.”


spencer sutherland unveiled


By now you are probably dying to hear the single, so here it is! Listen to “Nothing Can Hurt Me” below!


Wasn’t that song amazing!? We can’t wait to hear the rest of “Unveiled” when it comes out! Great work, Spencer!

What do you think of “Nothing Can Hurt Me”? Are you in love with Spencer Sutherland’s music too?

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Fashion Hot or Not Poll: Bella Thorne’s Cosmo Look

January 9th, 2015

bella thorne

Kylie Jenner may be the cover girl of the February issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, but she isn’t the only star you’ll see inside it- Bella Thorne has a feature spread amongst the pages as well! In the photo shoot, she wore a bunch of really cool outfits, and we picked our fave pic to share and want to know how you feel about it! Take the poll below and let us know what you think about her outfit.

Do you like Bella Thorne's Cosmo look?

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Don’t forget to pick up the February issue of Cosmo magazine to see interviews with both Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne!

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2015 People’s Choice Winners!

January 8th, 2015


The 2015 People’s Choice Awards were yesterday, January 7th at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California. Tons of celebs donned their finest to walk the red carpet and find out if they were the big winners! We were super psyched that “Pretty Little Liars” won for Favorite Cable TV Drama, and just as excited when we saw that Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder won for Favorite TV Duo! We have a bunch of photos from the evening of your favorite stars, along with the full winner’s list below. Check it out and see if your fave won an award!

2015 People’s Choice Award Winners


Favorite Humanitarian Ben Affleck



Favorite Movie ”Maleficent”

Favorite Movie Actor Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Movie Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Movie Duo Shailene Woodley & Theo James – “Divergent”

Favorite Action Movie ”Divergent”

Favorite Action Movie Actor Chris Evans

Favorite Action Movie Actress Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Comedic Movie ”22 Jump Street”

Favorite Comedic Movie Actor Adam Sandler


Favorite Comedic Movie Actress Melissa McCarthy

Favorite Dramatic Movie ”The Fault in Our Stars”

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress Chloë Grace Moretz

Favorite Family Movie ”Maleficent”

Favorite Thriller Movie ”Gone Girl”



Favorite TV Icon Betty White

Favorite TV Show ”The Big Bang Theory”

Favorite Network TV Comedy ”The Big Bang Theory”

Favorite Comedic TV Actor Chris Colfer


Favorite Comedic TV Actress Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

Favorite Network TV Drama ”Grey’s Anatomy”

Favorite Dramatic TV Actor Patrick Dempsey

Favorite Dramatic TV Actress Ellen Pompeo

Favorite Cable TV Comedy ”Melissa & Joey”

Favorite Cable TV Drama ”Pretty Little Liars”


Favorite Cable TV Actor Matt Bomer

Favorite Cable TV Actress Angie Harmon

Favorite TV Crime Drama ”Castle”

Favorite Crime Drama TV Actor Nathan Fillion

Favorite Crime Drama TV Actress Stana Katic

Favorite Network Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show ”Beauty and the Beast”

Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show ”Outlander”

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor Misha Collins

Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress Kristin Kreuk

Favorite Competition TV Show ”The Voice”

Favorite Daytime TV Host Ellen DeGeneres


Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Dramedy ”Orange Is the New Black”

Favorite TV Duo Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

Favorite TV Character We Miss Most Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang – “Grey’s Anatomy”

Favorite Actor In A New TV Series David Tennant

Favorite Actress In A New TV Series Viola Davis

Favorite Sketch Comedy TV Show ”Saturday Night Live”

Favorite Animated TV Show ”The Simpsons”

Favorite New TV Comedy ”Jane the Virgin”

Favorite New TV Drama ”The Flash”



Favorite Male Artist Ed Sheeran

Favorite Female Artist Taylor Swift

Favorite Group Maroon 5

Favorite Breakout Artist 5 Seconds of Summer


Favorite Male Country Artist Hunter Hayes

Favorite Female Country Artist Carrie Underwood

Favorite Country Group Lady Antebellum

Favorite Pop Artist Taylor Swift


Favorite Hip-Hop Artist Iggy Azalea

Favorite R&B Artist Pharrell Williams

Favorite Album ”x” – Ed Sheeran

Favorite Song “Shake It Off” – Taylor Swift


What do you think about the winners for the 2015 People’s Choice Awards? Did you vote?

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Poll: Fave Thing to Do on a Snow Day

January 7th, 2015


Yesterday was a fun winter wonderland! It snowed all day, but not in a crazy awful way. Beautiful little white flurries gently fell leaving behind a small blanket of snow- the perfect kind to play in for just a day or two before it’s all gone. We just love how magical the world becomes when it is snowing outside and decided to see what your favorite thing about a snow day is! Take our poll below and tell us in the comments why you love the snow!



What is your favorite part of a snow day?

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Fashion Poll: New Year’s Eve

January 3rd, 2015


New Year’s Eve may be over, but we’re still thinking about it! The evening hosted a ton of events to attend, including New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! There were lots of celebs in attendance and several performers as well, including One Direction, Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Idina Menzel, Florida Georgia Line and more!

The singers all wore pretty awesome (and mostly glittery) outfits and we can’t decide who wore the best one. We have narrowed it down to Meghan Trainor‘s pretty sparkly dress and Taylor Swift’s fun glittering shirt/jacket/pant combo. Of the two styles, which New Year’s Eve fashion do you think works best for the occasion? Take our poll below, and tell us in the comments what you think about their performances!

Who wore the best NYE outfit?

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Our Fashion Predictions for 2015

January 2nd, 2015


We hope you had the best New Year‘s ever and are all ready to settle in and get 2015 officially started! We came up with a list of what we think will be totally trending during the next year, so let’s take a look below and come next January, we can see if we were right in our fashion predictions!

forever 21 shimmer shirt


Trend Prediction #1: Shimmer

We got used to huge flecks of glitter or giant sequins on a lot of things over the years, but we predict the new year will bring shine on a smaller scale with bits of shimmer on clothes instead! We like this Metallic Brushstroke Print Top from Forever 21 because it adds gold shimmer to an otherwise plain shirt making it so much fancier!


Trend Prediction #2: Feminine Pastels

There were a lot of nude and beige colors in the last year or two, but we think this year will take on a little bit more color- but only a little bit! We expect to see barely there pinks, soft peaches and pale blushes. Maybe even a hint of lavender! We’re not talking about JUST in clothes, either- we’re talking accessories and shoes too! Like these Faux Patent Leather Oxfords, also from Forever 21.

abercrombie and fitch peasant top

Trend Prediction #3: Flowy

We’re tired of the super crazy skin-tight clothing look! This prediction is more of a wish: we want flowy comfy clothes that are still mega cute! Just like this beautiful peasant top from Abercrombie & Fitch.

target dress

Trend Prediction #4: Fashionable Florals

We know, we know. Florals in Spring? Unheard of! But really, we think florals are going to be everywhere this year, but in a new way! Instead of just little flowers on everything, we think they are going to be works of art. Abstract flowers, super detailed embroidered flowers, flowers that form mosaics- anything that isn’t your average “Spring Floral”. If you look closely at this pretty paisley printed dress from Target, you will notice some floral detailing in it- along with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2015: Marsala!

What do you think of our trend predictions for this year? Do you think any of these fashion styles will become all the rage?

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Our Five Fave Movies of 2014

December 30th, 2014


Yesterday, we shared with you our five favorite albums of the year, and we thought it was super fun! We had such a fun time coming up with what we thought were the best of the best in music for 2014. We decided to give it another go, but with one difference: this time we are listing our top five favorite movies of the year instead! Sit back, relax, and read on to see if your favorite movie this year made our list!


#5. X-Men: Days of Future Past

We love superhero movies (as you already may know!) yet we were skeptical about another X-Men movie. However, “Days of Future Past” was just incredible! Action packed and filled with our favorite heroes and villains, it was everything we could have hoped for and more.


#4. Big Hero 6

This movie was all about heart, humor and a giant lovable robot named Baymax! We really loved this Disney flick and think it fits perfectly in with other masterpieces in the Disney collection.


#3. Maleficent

You must already know about our “Maleficent” obsession since we’ve posted about it so many times! We really loved this movie and have probably watched it half a dozen times since it came out on DVD last month. Angelina Jolie made the perfect misunderstood villain!


#2. The Boxtrolls

We were so psyched for this movie to come out, we were literally counting down the days! Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint! How could it, when it was done with stop animation and took forever to make? It was witty and fun for all ages.

lego movie

#1. The Lego Movie

This movie was super funny, super original and downright awesome! With Chris Pratt, Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, Charlie Day, Liam Neeson, and Morgan Freeman voicing the wonderful characters, and a plot that was well thought out and just plain amazing, we thought this was the best movie of the year!

2014 sure was a great year for big screen hits! We hope you liked our picks for the top five best flicks of the year!

What were your favorite movies of this year? Make a list and share it below!

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Weird Christmas Traditions

December 24th, 2014

Everyone has their own Christmas traditions that they like to do every year. Maybe you wait until Christmas Eve to trim your tree, maybe you and your family sing Christmas carols door-to-door around your town or maybe you celebrate today with pajamas and a ton of Christmas flicks! People all over the world have very interesting traditions that may seem weird to you, but are totally normal for them. Let’s take a look at a few really fun ones!

-In Norway, no one cleans their houses on Christmas Eve. In fact, they hide their brooms just in case evil spirits or witches are looking for them!

-Because of a 1974 commercial, many Japanese families eat KFC on Christmas Eve!

-Residents of Caracus, Venezuela like to roller skate to Mass on Christmas Day!

-Germans hide a pickle ornament on their Christmas tree every Christmas Eve. The child who finds it first on Christmas Day gets a special surprise gift!

-Also in Germany, children have another tradition! They leave a shoe outside of their house on December 5th, and if the child was good it will be filled up with sweets. If they were bad, they will find a tree branch in it. Kind of reminds us of Christmas stockings filled with goodies for the nice kids and coal for the naughty kids!

-All mail to Canada Post with the address “Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO” is opened up and responded to by the post office workers. 

What Christmas traditions do you celebrate? What do you hope Santa brings you in the morning?

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First Look: Pretty Little Liars Winter Premiere!

December 19th, 2014


Hopefully you have already seen the “Pretty Little Liars” holiday special, titled “How The A Stole Christmas.” It was truly a great episode! We loved how Mona (Janel Parrish) played the ghost of Christmas past/present/future and haunted Ali (Sasha Pieterse) the whole episode! We also feel like we’re getting closer and closer to finding out who “A” really is- and we have our suspicions!


We are really looking forward to the Winter premiere which airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, January 6th at 8PM. It is titled “Through A Glass, Darkly” and looks like it’s going to be A-mazing!



The episode takes place three months after Christmas so it’s already the Spring in Rosewood. The Liars are all still upset about Mona‘s death and pretty sure Alison was involved in it. Even Mona‘s mom seems annoyed with Ali at the service held for Mona!




They all just want the killer to be brought to justice! The only problem is, Ali has a pretty good alibi for the night Mona was murdered, so the girls are having a hard time finding proof she was involved.


We bet it will be a sad episode for Mona fans, but hopefully will shed some light on who “A” is and why they are doing all this crazy stuff to the girls! Whatever happens, we are reAdy for it!

What did you think of the Christmas special for “Pretty Little Liars”? Are you excited for the Winter premiere on January 6th?

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Hot or Not Poll: Zac Efron’s Mustache

December 18th, 2014

zac efron mustache

Actor Zac Efron is looking quite dapper these days, having shaved off his entire beard and leaving only his mustache behind! The actor is currently working on a television project with fellow actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s company ‘HitRecord’ alongside director Evan Goldberg.


zac efron, seth rogan, james franco

Just a few days ago on December 12th, Zac was spotted with Evan, James Franco and Seth Rogan at the premiere for “The Interview” in Los Angeles, California. He still sported his scruffy face, beard and all, so this only-mustache look is totally brand new! We think he looks a little silly with just the mustache, but that is probably because we aren’t used to it yet. We can’t wait to see the project he is working on that required it, though! Take our hot or not poll below and tell us what you think about Zac Efron‘s mustache!

Is Zac Efron's mustache a beauty hot or not?

View Results

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