Crafts With Pennies

December 11th, 2007

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to let pennies just build up all over your room? I certainly have! Maybe your parents have a huge collection of pennies…like I do…or maybe you could acquire a good sized jar of them simply by checking the couch cushions and your pockets? Well, if you’re just going to leave these pennies laying around, you might as well do something creative with them, right? So here are some crafts that you can do with your leftover pennies:


If you have candles that don’t have trays, it is pretty easy to make one. If you just have some super glue and pennies, you can easily cover a number of things in order to make a tray for the candle wax to drip in. I find that the lids of jars work the best for this. Make sure that when you turn it upside down that the candle will actually fit in the lid. If it does, you’re good to go! Glue the pennies down around the edges of the lid and there you go!


If you have a belt that needs a different look, why not jazz it up with pennies? Just glue the pennies down around the belt in whatever kind of order you want. This can turn a boring belt into something original realllllly fast.


I think that any old container can easily be jazzed up by gluing decorative things on it. This includes pennies. Think about old jars and cans. Also think about boxes you may have that seem kind of boring right now. With just some glue and your spare pennies, you could make this really interesting.Moral of the story? If you have a lot of pennies laying around, have a craft day!


From binders to book covers, pennies can also be used to decorate every day items that you use at school. Think about your binders and book coves, for example. How much more original would it look to have yours covered with pennies instead of…..just a paper bag?

The idea here? Have fun with your pennies if you have extras.

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