Dance Rules For The Girl With A Crush

March 14th, 2008

If I can remember anything about being a young girl, trying to cope with all of the awkwardness that comes along with middle school and high school, it is DANCES. I love dancing and I love being social…I have always been that way. So I always wanted to GO to dances. However, it took me quite a while to learn how to behave myself, so to speak, at dances. What I mean is that even though I’ve always been really outgoing in my friendships, I used to have a tendency to be really shy around guys I liked (and I still have that a little bit to be honest). Trying to figure out how to get your crush to dance with you without it being a huge embarrassing deal takes a little bit of skill if you ask me. So I’ve decided to pass some of my knowledge onto you girls who are fans of going to dances.


1. Don’t just dance with your crush. You don’t want him to feel TOO special right away!

2. Have a good time! No one is attracted to a girl who is sitting in the corner gossiping with her friends. That’s boring.

3. SMILE. When you don’t smile, you suddenly become a lot less approachable to a guy.

4. Don’t wait around for him to ask you to dance. When you do that, you’re making it all seem like a bigger deal than it has to be. There’s nothing wrong with going over to him yourself, tapping him on the shoulder, and smiling. Or just starting to dance with him out of nowhere! Trust me, if you decide that you should wait for him to ask you…you might be waiting around all night long and that is no fun at all.

5. Don’t join the girly bathroom club. In my experience, guys are attracted to the girl who DOESN’T have to rush to the bathroom just because her friends are going. Girls go in there to fix their makeup, gossip, yada yada yada. When all of your friends go into the bathroom, use this as a chance to talk to him while other girls aren’t around.

6. Don’t dance with him TOO much. I would say that three songs in one dance is enough. You don’t want him to feel like you’re being clingy or that he’s the only guy that you’ll dance with.

7. Don’t wear clothes that are too revealing. Make sure you look cuter than you would on a normal day at school, but if you wear things that are TOO revealing…well…you know what he’ll think.

Most of all….HAVE FUN!

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38 Responses to “Dance Rules For The Girl With A Crush”

  • KAT! says:

    AGH! Im the worst at that stuff. I JUST LET MYSLEF GOOOO

  • *KAITLIN* says:

    i dont really like to go to dances…i went to one but i was only there for like 5 minutes because i didnt like it and my sister had told my crush to slow dance with me and i was too nervous for that to happen lol so i left

  • slappergirl says:

    Fantastic! I don’t mind, i danced with my crush and it wasn’t that bad! He even wanted to dance with me again!

  • amber says:

    really great advice!

  • *Baillie* says:


  • coacoa says:

    at my school we have one dance & girls & guys cat dance with each other


  • luc says:

    hey im kind of goin through that fase were i like boys more but my parents dont think i should and there is a dance tomorrow. wat should i do? my usser name is lbot4267

  • TJMCR says:


  • MizzPortugeseBeauty says:

    OMG! I do this all the time. I am so confortable around guys. I have a lot of guy friends. Me and my guy friend(who’s also my crush)dance alot. You get used to it. And other girls will be like “that’s kool how you like know what to do around guys.”

  • Qtpie3214 says:

    At my school guys and girls don’t really dance together unless they are a couple. And if you do dance with someone that you aren’t going out with, people get really obnoxious and start making comments that make it feel really akward. My friend kept trying to make me dance with the guy I like, but I said no cuz I wasn’t ready for it yet.

  • Jasmine769 says:

    Wow thanks I got a dance next week! Plus I’ve got a band so we’re going to practise tomorrow at school……. Okay that was random!

  • v-ballgal12 says:

    we dance with boys even tho if we aren’t an “item”. i realllyyyyyy hope my folks will let me go to the dances this coming year. i REALLY want to slow dance with my crush. with his arms around my waist, and my arms around his neck…oh em gee!! im getting goose bumps! =p

  • sumra says:

    omg i have the hugest crush on a boy and every time i think about him i i feel like singing!!! iremem ber there was a dance at my school. and i thought he was gonna be there and kept thinking about asking him but everytime i wanted to i just couldnt and i would run away. wen i was finally ready turns out his grade and the higher grade were gonna have thierdance together and ours would be alone :( so i went to the dnce unhappy left tired…and it was only 5:30!buuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmeeerrrrr!!!!!!!

  • olliewalla says:

    i am in 7th grade…boys are gross! but you are right about middle school and highschool being awkward fase for girls

  • Nicol1197 says:

    I LOVE dances! I also am shy around guys. This blog realy helped me!

  • Qtpie3214 says:

    I can’t wait for our next school dance! the only prob is that my crush goes to a different school. o well. i’ll still have fun with my friends. =)

  • Steph_GumYum says:

    Im sooo shy with guys , hopes this advices help me…

  • Sandal61 says:

    OMG!!! Good points. I’m gonna have a school dance in June and im getting ready!!! this is gonna help me a lot!! thx!!

  • Autumn says:

    I like boys, but usually theyre either famous or fictional lol. When I go to dances I hang out with my friends (im in the seventh grade), and we laugh and complain about the awful music (hip hop and pop… GROSS) I feel awkward around guys, and no guy has ever had a crush on me besides my best guy friend Justyn who I thought of as a brother. It seems my friends are so much prettier and outgoing…

  • Julieeluvvshim says:

    i’m not shy to ask my crush to dance with me, last time he didn’t go to the Valentines day dance and it was sucky, so I couldn;t ask him. Last night there was a dance but i couldn’t go. So next time at another dance i’m gonna ask him. :D

    I don’t dance, I slow dance only…haha i’m just commiting number 1! xD

  • pinknanana says:

    good advice

  • Tinnie says:

    I got to dance with my crush last year and i didnt even ask my friends just so happened to be dancing on him before me and then somehow i ended up on him lol! the best moment of my life and it was the last dance too Oh but i forgot me and my bestfriend tag teamed him :) buuuut tomorrow is the stoplight dance and hopefully he goes… wish me luck :) <3

  • Awesome Girl says:

    Last night was our dance. I’m in 7th grade. I slowdanced with my crush who is pretty popular. Our school is small though. I asked him. He’s good friends with my twin bro so it was better that he couldn’t come. I know my crush doesn’t like me but I still had lots of fun.
    DO NOT LET BOYS RUIN A SCHOOL DANCE!!! My friends have done this and they regret it. That’s the best advice I’ll give you!

  • amazingo says:

    this coming friday, we have a dance in INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, and my best friend emailed my crush, saying to go dancing with me, and he said, yes, and my bff told me. i couldn’t believe it! now i’m soo happy, but i’m nervous if i’ll be able to make it turn out right.

    i hope nothing bad happens,

  • Jeanny says:

    Just yesterday I danced with my crush (which is like the hottest guy) On the last slow dance I danced with him and It was so much fun!! Since it was my first dance it was very awkward! I’m extremely happy!

  • Justine says:

    There is a guy I like. He is a German exchange student and he doesn’t know how to dance, but luckily, neither do I. I asked him to the dance and he said yes. I’m SOO excited but nervous at the same time. I’m going to tell him I only know how to slow dance so he should at least learn how to slow dance, so it wont be as awkward. I’m thinking
    Of going to get ice cream or something because it’ll be quite boring to just slow dance the entire time. The only downside to the dance Is that I have my period and so I’m craving every food and I’m gonna break out
    So badly. I really hope my skin cooperates a little bit.

  • Tori says:

    Well, I have a crush, a new crush I should say considering the last one is a player. His name is Ethan and he’s so nice to me. I playfully call him ‘pants’ because sometimes he wears these awesome neon blue pants that I love lol (he encouraged me to buy a pair so now we match!! <3). I also love his hair that I always touch lol, he seems to blush when I do… Good sign!! I asked him if he would go to a dance that everyone in my town goes to (it's called the MCRC) and he said yes!! He's been once so this is his second time. He made sure I was going to get my ticket before he got his so he knew for sure that I was going. He's never slow danced, hugged, or kissed anyone (luckily I haven't either!!). When I was texting him about the dance I said: "One thing I don't like about the MCRC is how I never have anyone to dance with and I have to wait for my friends to finish dancing with someone." He replied with: "Oh okay. Well maybe that will change." and I freaked out lmao. hopefully he asks me <333!! Thanks for the help :]!

  • Kiara says:

    I have a huge crush on this guy. He stares at me and I stare at him. Well I have a schooldance coming up this friday night. I’m supossed to be going with my girlfriends. I wonder if he’s going to the dance. I’m kinda shy and everytime I see him I blush. I really want to dance with him.

  • emily says:

    i still don’t really know how to do all of this stuff. I like this guy jack, but were not exactly close, and i feel like it would be awkward and he would be hanging out with his friends. CAN YOU GUYS HELP ME????

  • emily says:

    btw im in seventh grade
    so… yeah

    but i love him so much. I’ve seen him twerk, even though he looks like a dying chicken when he does it, and I’ve seen him without a shirt on and OMG dem ABS!!!!!! HOLY CRAP it just that every time i see him i honestly am just like *swoons and faints* … so yeah I NEED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

  • :) :) :) :) says:

    Okay so here’s my problem .. There’s this pretty attractive guy whom I like .. But I’ve never talked to him at all. But we’re in the same class and our dance is coming up, and my friend told me he’s probably going to ask me to dance .. WHAT DO I DO??? I’ve never slowdanced with anyone before .. And I’ve never dated or anything .. HELP ME OUT PLEASE !! I’m freaking out ! Thank you !

  • LOLOLOL says:

    (Grade 8) I have a dance coming up in April and my crush asked me to go!!!!! OMG you have no idea how happy I was. So I asked my friend to find out if he liked me back and she said it is always so obvious that we both like each other! The one thing is that I have never been to a school dance so I have never slow danced! I don’t think he has either though so it should be good! Thanks so much btw. This blog will really help!

  • Emma says:

    Well my friend told my crush to go to the dance with me and I have no idea what to do… I will take your advice…

  • Emma says:

    Like seriously im having trouble figuring out what to do at the dance with him neither of us can dance or anything so I guess I’ll talk for two hours lol

  • Maxine says:

    Wish I knew these tips before I actually danced with my crush. It’s been about a week now and we haven’t talked to each other. I think we danced too much :/ what to do?

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