Debby Ryan – Made of Matches

April 12th, 2011

Have you guys heard Debby Ryan’s new song yet? She wrote and produced it herself! It premiered last week on the Hub network after “The Haunting Hour“, which is a teen horror show based on the R.L. Stine books. Debby starred in an episode of “The Haunting Hour” called “Wrong Number” which is about a popular girl who prank calls her friends and things start to go very wrong.

Debby wrote the song “Made of Matches” about her character on “The Haunting Hour“. It’s the first song that she wrote and produced, and according to her Twitter account, she might start writing and recording more songs. She’s gotten great feedback from her fans about the song, and wants to give you guys even more music to rock out to!

Here’s the song, “Made of Matches

Do you like the song? Do you watch “The Haunting Hour“? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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7 Responses to “Debby Ryan – Made of Matches”

  • jz says:

    i watch the hunting hour i <3 tht show nd i like tht song

  • jr12345670 says:

    The song is pretty good… I can’t believe she changed her hair!!! I liked it more blond. What about you girls? Do you like her hair blond or brown?

  • Cocotruper says:

    I’m not really allowed to watch stuff like that, but i’m going to anyway.. xD

  • Rockstar9264 says:

    I watched the video on Hub, cuz this video looked interesting. And it’s really creepy. At the end it was surprising, but Im obviously not gonna give it away. It was good, but FREAKY!! :O

  • taylorswiftcrazy says:

    Meh, the song is ok, by the way, the epi (I just watched it for the fun of it, I was bored) , is about a mean girl who the old lady next door teaches a lesson to after she dies.

  • ikdan says:

    The song is pretty good buhhh the lady in the video is creepy=OOO

  • Lillypadpup says:


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