Liking A Guy Younger Than You?

January 16th, 2008

You can’t exactly help who you have crushes on. If you haven’t figured this out yet, trust me, you eventually will. Sometimes you just click with someone and you can’t explain why. There’s really no sense in fighting it, though. But what about when you end up liking a guy who is YOUNGER than you? This is a weird issue for many girls out there. Girls are kind of trained to believe that they should like guys who are at least their own age, if not older than them. This is an old belief from a time that was much different than the time we are living in now and so it doesn’t really apply anymore.

Liking a guy in a grade below you can definitely prove to be weird, though. He’ll have a whole different set of friends than you do. Not only that, but he’ll be studying things that you’ve already studied. If he’s at your school, he’ll be dealing with teachers who you have already dealt with. Generally speaking, dating someone younger means that you’ll have to be willing to almost step back in time in a way and relate to where he is right now. Then again, if the difference is something small like just a year, you don’t have that much to worry about.

At the end of the day, don’t let someone’s age get in the way of you liking them. That is just silly! The whole idea of a relationship is to bond with someone on a totally different level. If you feel like you could have that kind of bond with someone who is younger than you, then let me ask you THIS question: Why NOT move forward with it? I can’t think of a good reason not to.

So have any of you girls ever liked a guy who is younger than you?

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150 Responses to “Liking A Guy Younger Than You?”

  • Miranda says:

    I’m 14 and this boy I like is a year younger than me I’m going to be 15 this year and I want to be friends with him before then. He stays inside a lot though, I really want to get to know him , he lives down my road as well. He liked a girl that also lives on our road that is one year younger than him but they got into an argument a few weeks ago. He’s good looking and I think he will have a great personality too if I knew him more. Whenever I think of him I end up smiling. What Should I Do ???

  • Pink Shadow says:

    I am 13 and he is 11. He is super cute and sweet. He plays 4 sports andd im not really the sporty type. He is from city and i am a country girl. There is just something that clicks. Im not sure if he likes me but im writing a letter to him dropping lots of hints i like him. If he dont ask me out soon i will ask him.

  • Pink Shadow says:

    Well i asked the boy if he liked me and he said as a friend, but i still really like him. Should i keep trying or give up and just be friends?

  • mini me 101 says:

    i like this guy but he is three years younger than me 1st second i hav history with his older brother who is months older than me. the guy i lik also liks me but theres this other girl who really likes him and i think hes falling for her what should i do????????????/

  • girl from africa says:

    i think i like this guy who is 13 and i am 15.
    we are already friends, and i just love being around him but never thought i would fall for him, we kissed one day and i realized i actually liked him. but now he is with another girl and we are still friends, i just think he doesnt know i like him, but anyways i get jealous. what should i do?

  • Anne says:

    Oh well, I’m 16 & there is this 14 ear old boy I met one day ago… And it was an instant spark… Upon talking to him we both realized we have a LOT in common… but thing is, I broke up with my ex (he was just from internet but well the feelings were present) a week ago… And I never eve kissed or dated a “real” guy… Plus he is at my school & his brother is in my class… I asked him to go out yesterday night… I think i’m fucked up, aren’t I?

  • Nicole says:

    I’m in 8th grade and he’s in 6th. I have a huge crush on him. Something just clicked. We get along so well and we have sort of a… connection. I’m scared to tell my friends because I think they would think I’m weird or something. They all know him. But, he’s like my best friend. We have so much in common and we talk every day. Oh, and did I mention he’s my best friend’s brother? I have no chance. :/

  • Adrianna says:

    I’m in 8th grade and he’s in 6th. I have a huge crush on him. Something just clicked. We get along so well and we have sort of a… connection. I’m scared to tell my friends because I think they would think I’m weird or something. They all know him. But, he’s like my best friend. We have so much in common and we talk every day. Oh, and did I mention he’s my best friend’s brother? I have no chance. :/

  • sierra says:

    I started going to guitar lessons and they are like nine people in the class , the second time i went , the teacher went around asking ages , i noticed this guy hes really cute , im 14 almost fifteen and in 3rd year and when the teacher came to him he said he was fourteen and in 2nd year , i was shocked cause he looked much older , but still i dont think that gets in the way , but i dont know how to talk to him , what will i do ?

  • Briana says:

    Im in the 10th grade & i recently starting seeing this guy who lives on my block & our younger sisters are friends. I found out hes friends with one of my friends, & he’s an 8th grade. When ever we see each other we just smile & move closer to each other. I can’t stop thinking about hiim. is this weird or ? blah.

  • Kimmie says:

    I am 13 almost 14 and I like a boy who is 11 almost 12! At first I thought it was weird but I realized that he did really like me..I went camping with his family and we held hands….I then though now what do I do? I made up this code that meant “I love you” and he replied back and said he loved me too!! But now he keeps trying to play hide and seek in the dark….Does that mean he wants to kiss me? I want to kiss him too but I think we both are a little un-sure of ourselves like who should kiss who first!!! I need help badly!! Oh and did I mention he is my Best Friends Brother? Yah that doesn’t help at all!! Why does that always happen? Girls liking their Best Friends Brother?

  • Kimmie says:

    Oh and I am going to one of his oldest sisters 18th birthday which is a Masquerade ball theme….I happened to get him as partner which I have to dance with all night!! I don’t mind but what if people find out about our code and that we like eachother? We are kind of I guess you could call it “secret dating” just because we don’t want anyone to know! Oh and I have a question: Should I kiss him first or should he kiss me first? As I said before we both are un-sure who should kiss who first…..I mean we don’t have conversations discussing it but I can tell he wants to kiss me but he doesn’t know what I’ll say so he’s nervous about it!!! God help us!!!!!!! :)

  • bianca says:

    I’m SO lost! I’m 16 and this a guy came into my school this year but he is 2 years younger than I am…at first I didn’t really notice him but then he started talking to me and I couldn’t help but fall for him it’s really hard because it will be VERY socially unacceptable for me to date him so I’ve tried to like avoid him but he just makes it SO hard because he literally flirts with me every time we talk even if I just say hello and the thing that makes it SO bad is the fact that every time I See him my heart literally skips a beat…please help Me!

  • chanĂ© says:

    I’m SO lost! I’m 16 and this a guy came into my school this year but he is 2 years younger than I am…at first I didn’t really notice him but then he started talking to me and I couldn’t help but fall for him it’s really hard because it will be VERY socialoly unacceptable for me to date him so I’ve tried to like avoid him but he just makes it SO hard because he literally flirts with me every time we talk even if I just say hello and the thing that makes it SO bad is the fact that every time I See him my heart literally skips a beat…please help Me!

  • Aeryn says:

    I saw this guy at my school and I liked him instantly but I couldn’t bring myself to talk to him, after about two months I found out that I am a month and a half older than him, which isn’t a huge difference,I know,but it just felt weird and I try not to think about it. Anyway, my birthday is in a few weeks and then I will be 15 and he’ll still be 14, do you think it would weird him out if he knew that I was older than him? He already knows I like him, but he doesn’t know that my 15th birthday is soon. What should I do? And do you have any advice for not freezing when I’m about to talk to him? I froze before, and I hated myself for it. Before I met him, I have NEVER frozen when I try to speak to someone.

  • tasneem says:

    iam 12 turning 13 soon and i like this boy who is about a year or 2 younger than me. I don’t know what to do because i have alot of ‘judgemental’ friends, oh and by the way we go to the same school and I’m also scared they going to judge because his abit smaller than me aswell
    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!because if i don’t know what to do… i might just EXPLODE

  • Kathy says:

    iam 12 and iam a 7 grader i like this guy that is a 8 grader
    and i think he like me too.but next year he going to another school i don’t know what to do.

  • Happy days says:

    Otay so I am in eighth grade and there is this kid named Devon that is in sixth grade. He rides my bus and we sit together everyday. We also text each other a lot. I legit just texted him asking if he like me as a person and he said ” ya I do” he also sends me texts every morning saying good morning an once he sent me a kissy face. I think I like him but I feel weird because he is two years you get than me. Idk what to do… Oh and he also had my name written on his arm. I am super confuzzled and yeah so…??

  • Meow says:

    I like this guy who is a year younger than me. I am 13 years old 7th grade and he is in 6th grade. The first time I met him was during summer piano lessons. He is kind of interesting and tries to befriend me. He is really good at piano and he is smart too! I always see him at school or in catechism… I always catch him looking at me but I dont know if he likes me back :(

  • Unicorn says:

    There’s this guy I like. The bad part is, I’m 14 years old and hes 12 turning 13 years old. We are both in the same grade, 8th grade. I got held back in 2nd grade that why I’m older than most kids in 8th grade. I thought to myself at first that I can’t believe I like a guy younger than me it feels so weird inside. But then again, I realized that numbers don’t count. I don’t know if he likes me back. All I know is that I like him. I don’t think he knows how old I am because we don’t talk to eachother. I’m scared if he found out that I’m older, he wouldn’t be that interested in me. I don’t know. We do give eachother glances but I don’t know for sure if he really likes me. By reading these comments, I’m just happy that I’m not the only person that likes a dude younger than me.

  • jasmine says:

    I’m 16 yrs old and in 11th grade and I have this crush on the boy two grades below me (accept his very tall!) He is so cute and those eyes argh! But I can’t do it, it’s just wrong. But he is always looking my way and the first to start up a convo, and the effort he puts makes him more incredibly adorable. Plus he is ridiculously hot!

  • thatwiredgirle says:

    An 12th grader that likes a 11th grader yah that will work out .-.

  • Domolicious says:

    I am currently ‘in love’ with my cousins friend. He just turned 13 last month and im 17 turning 18 next year. I started to like him when He came with us to go camping this summer. According to my cousin, that was not the first time we met. So i cant really say that its love at first sight. Nobody in my family knows that i like him. I only told my friends because i dont want my cousins tothink that im weird. I dont want to give up because it feels like i have a chance with him from the way he acts when his around me. I dont want to tell him either because he might not really like me and i dont want it to be awkward for us.

  • Domolicious says:

    The thing is when i saw him i didnt thought that he could be that young. He was taller than me. He looks mature. It wouldve been better if he’s a year younger. I couldve accept that.oh and also he lives really far :/

  • e+k says:

    I am in 7th grade I’m 12 going on 13 there is this guy In 6th grade he is 11 going on 12 he is also my brothers best friend

  • dstar says:

    I am in 8th grade.I just turned 13 last month and i like this guy who is in 7th im afraid to tell him because i dont want to get regected by a 7th grader and i dont really want my friends to know because they might think less of me
    Please help me

  • Layla says:

    Im an 8th grader about to turn 14 in a week and I like a boy in the 7th grade! And he’s 15 months younger than me! Is it wierd? I’ve never really talked to him but he’s so cute! And 6 foot tall! I went to a dance last night and he asked me! Ahh! But I don’t know if he’s interested at all…how do I become closer to him?

  • Anonomys says:

    I’m 14 and a 8th grader and I like this guy who’s 13 and a 7th grader. We both like the same things and I think he has a crush on me. But I’m afraid to like him because the if my grade finds out they’ll make fun of me. What should I do??!!

  • Gabby says:

    Ok so I’m in the 6th grade 11 almost 12 and I’m in middle School and the guy I have a small crush on is a year younger than me :/ he’s in my old elementary school and he’s in 5th grade and he’s 10 turning on 11 soon.well anyways I feel weird about it cuz I know his friends and everything and we have a nice bond that I don’t wanna break and the thing is he’s is my friends BEST FRIEND I mean like he’s gonna go to my school and stuff next year but I don’t know what to do about it!?!?! A little help.. It’s like whenever I. Feel like we are alone I feel like making my move on him and eveything we always laugh about stuff and personal jokes we have our weird ways but idk what to do!!!!! A little help please!?!?!?!?!!!!!

  • Natasha says:

    Ok, so im 14, and he is 11/12! im 2 years older than him and i dont know what to do! his big sister is in my year at school as well! he is the same age as my little brother and their friends! oh, i dont know what to do! i like him, i really do, but in my school people wold think im sick or something if they found out! when we were in the same exam room together something just clicked in my head… it doent help that i dont know if he likes me eather! what do i do? please help!

  • Anatatachi says:

    so im in 8th grade and i was put in early so im the third youngest person in my grade i just turned 13 two months ago in november. i like this 7th grader, hes really funny and awkward and sadly the only guy at our school who has abs and big shoulders. idk his age its either 12 or 13 maybe 14 probably not and his birthday is in april so he could be older that me but im not sure and were already friends and we text each other alot but recently my mom made it so i can only text or call family on my phone so i cant text him. were both in band but thats the only class we have together and he plays trombone and i play bass clarinet

  • Selene says:

    I like this and hes in 7 th grade. Im in 8th. Hes with me for my elective. I act like I hate him but it takes evry ounce of wilpower not to giggle when he fails at something. Hes really cute but all my friends hate him. I dont know what to do considering I also like someone else. And its just awkward……

  • Maria says:

    Im in 7th grade and he is in 6th. He really cute and rides my bus he lives close, my friends know him but the thing is its one of those situations where I act like I hate him but I really like him . He plays the same game but I dont know if he likes me. He plays sports but I dont. I also like 2 guys in my grade

  • Paulina says:

    Well, I have a little problem and some of my close friends know about it , it’s quite embarrassing because I’m 14 turning 15 this year and he’s like 12 turning 13 and we go to the same school and he’s 2 years lower than me. I really don’t know what to do because my friends hardly give me any tips and this is all weird. I never actually talked to him but I think he’s really cute and he has a girlfriend… This has been going on for over half a year from the first day he came to my school. Please help!!!

  • Luna says:

    There is a guy that i met in church, he is 17 and i am 19 I feel weird in liking this guy, he is very sweet bt i am in college and he is in high school!!! :( what should i do?? HELP!!!

  • Ariana says:

    I am in 8th grade and I’m 13. I really like this guy in the seventh grade and I think he might like me back. I’ve tried talking to my friends about this, but I’m really scared because I bring it up and they just instantly say “eww yeah that sevvie” and I’m not sure whether I should tell my friends or not.

  • Donna says:

    I am in 5th grade and i`m 10. I have a crush on this guy in 4th grade. He plays this game with me during recess but I`m not sure if he likes me or not because he usually teases me or ask other people to, and when he tells his friends to tease me and they go way to overboard he try`s to calm them down and apologize. Sometimes he is way to scared and try`s to get out of the mess by saying“stop lying“. I told one of my friend in 4th grade because it`s a split class ( Crush is in my class too) and she started being like“ He`s in 4th grade and your in 5th I doubt he will like you back“. And know i`m not sure if he likes me or not so it`s quite frustrating for me. :p

  • Karyn says:

    So I moved to Florida a couple months ago and I was Starting fresh. I’ve never had a boyfriend so I wanted to see if there were any cute guys in my grade. I went to school and there was pretty much none in my grade .But when i walked though the hallways I would see some really cute guys and I assumed they were a grade lower. I had after school band practice one day with 8th period wich Was the 7th graders class. By the way I’m in 8the grade. Anyways 2 of the guys I thought were cute in this class I soon realized one had a girlfriend . When practiced ended everyone went outside and waited for the parents to pic them up. I was with my two friends and wich the guy came becaus he knew one of my friends ad was talking to her he would occasionally look at me. When my ride came wich was my friends mom I said bye to my other friend . My other friend was still there so I said com on then said bye again not really directing it to anyone. When I was still waiting for her to come he looked at me and said “I’m going to say bye to her because she pretty” I was warmed by the compliment but I had to go so I quickly said thank you and bye. I never saw him in the hallways unless I had band practice . Recently I at the end of the day I went to pick my instrument up and I saw him. I was waiting at the door for my friend to get her instrument. When he then walked up to me and said “hi” I awkwardly said “hi” back but it was time to go (again) then another day if me picking my instrument up I walked out and he was talking to a few people who were talking about someone in the hallway as I looked back he (I know his name but i don’t think he knows Mine) pointed at me and said “who her? She’s pretty” I said thank you. I loved the compliments but was nervous and awkward and didn’t know what to do . I haven’t told any friends that I kinda like him and this weekend I’ve been thinking of him. I’m not sure i he’s being friendly or he likes me. I don’t want to tell a friend I like a 7th grader that will be awkward ad I don’t think they’ll understand. I really want to get his phone number to get to know him but I don’t know how case I never rally talked to him. What do I do?

  • V fame says:

    Thers this boy named dean and he is in 4 th grade but im in fith . The bad thing is he knows i like him what should i do HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella says:

    I’m 13 and im in 8th grade .I think he’s in 6th or 7thgrade. I’ve seen him around because he lives down the street. I think he’s really nice because he is really shy and I think he’s really cute. He usually comes out right when he sees me riding my skateboard and he rides his too so he can walk his dogs. We never really talked besides the one time he was riding by my house on his skateboard walking his dogs and then he looked up at me and the his dogs made him fall I kinda giggled and said are you ok? And he laughed and said I’m fine and then got back on and rode away. And just last week he was outside and I saw him with a new hair cut. And I kinda feel like he’s watching me sometimes. I also feel like he got that hair cut for me. But I’m not sure.

    Another time was when he came over to sit down and relax on a bench my friends call him a stalker and I keep saying its not nice and they need to stop I feel like they pick on him more. He doesn’t know that they pick on him because they do it behind his back. They also didn’t know I liked him until yesterday and now they seem like they don’t pick on him but now I’m still stuck with the same problem. HOW CAN I LET HIM KNOW I LIKE HIM! I can barely go up and talk to him I don’t want to freak him out.

  • Alene says:

    I got a really great crush with a 10 going 11 years old boy. He’s amazing and talented. He always play the piano for me. And he can sing.. We met at a singing competition rehearsal.I’m glad that we have the same talent but he never told me about how he feels.. But I’m afraid to ask. If he doesn’t like me that would be a shame.I’m 13…

  • Megan says:

    Ok so at my school it is really weird to like a guy in the grade below you. I never really liked this guy until like a few days ago and he was actually kind of ugly until he hit puberty and now he’s really cute and taller than me. At the football game he came up to me and called me a sweet heart. All of my friends thinks he’s weird but I think about him all the time and when I listen to slow romantic music I think about him and me slow dancing together at our valentines dance. Help!

  • Marlena says:

    Okay so I’m in 8th grade and I just turned 14 I was dating this 7th grader and me and him broke up on Friday and his friend that is on 6th grade likes me and I like him me and him have been talking but idk if it would be okay if I dated him alot of my friends know him and I really really really like him and he says he really really likes me so what should I do?

  • Lisa Reynolds says:

    So. Last year I was in 8th grade and he was in 6th. We hung out and we became good friends. He asked me to a school dance and we danced. No big deAl. We’ll summer came around and now we never talk anymore because I am in high school. I coach middle school cheerleading and he plays for the team. Then we had homecoming last weekend and I was cheering for the team and at halftime I rolled my ankle pretty bad. I walked off the field crying and I ran into him and caught him watching me cry. It was awkward but honestly I think he’s “the one”. It’s a connection that I can’t describe. I think I love him.

  • Leah says:

    I’m in eighth grade and there’s this boy in seventh that I reallly like. We’re friends but I think he might like me too. We say hi every time we see each other in the hallway and today he came to my locker to say bye. We’ve hugged a few times, too, but only in a friendly way. Today’s hug felt a little deeper though cause we were actually facing each other when we hugged. I’m not to worried about what other people think, but should I tell him that I like him or wait?

  • Melissa says:

    There’s this guy who’s three years younger than me.I’m 12th grade,he’s 9th. Actually he likes me,i don’t like him at all but he’s cute.Everyday in school he does something to be noticed by me and i find this is cute.So,will it be weird if i give him a chance?

  • abendkleider lang says:

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  • Taurus says:

    I am 16 years old and I really like this guy that i have known since i was really young. He is 14. I don’t know what to do. We have this really strong bond. The only problem is that we don’t really want people to know right now so we try to act normal around each other, so he will like play around with other girls and it upsets me but I can’t freak out cause of our situation. I really don’t know what to do. On New Year’s Eve we spent the whole day together and we made out and stuff and it was perfect but i haven’t kissed him or been alone with him since. I really don’t know what to do now and I’m pretty upset.

  • melinda says:

    i’m 16 and there is a guy who is younger than me , he really loves me and he’s 13 turning 14, i like him but somehow i think it’s a child abuse. so i have no idea what to do?…

  • Riley says:

    Okay so I’m in 9th grade and I like a guy in the 8th I think. For a few years I saw him as a younger brother as well as my friends. But now I think I like him and his grandpa and my mom think so too. We talk all the time and stuff and he hugs me a lot too, but it’s the same way with other girls too. He also says he never has been interested in relationships but I think something is changing and idk what to do. My friends also think it would be weird if we dated and I haven’t told them yet please help

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