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SAG Awards 2015: Winners!

January 26th, 2015

sag awards

The SAG Awards, or the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards, are given once a year by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). The awards recognize the best of the best in film and primetime TV. This year’s awards show was the 21st annual one and was held on January 25th and aired on TNT and TBS. 

sag awards

There were lots of winners and we’re here to share them all with you! Check out the full complete winner’s list below, and see some of the fashion the stars wore to the big show.


Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture


Male Actor in a Supporting Role

J.K. Simmons, “Whiplash”

Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Patricia Arquette, “Boyhood”

Male Actor in Leading Role

Eddie Redmayne, “The Theory of Everything”

Female Actor in a Leading Role

Julianne Moore, “Still Alice”

sag awards


Ensemble in a Comedy Series

“Orange is the New Black” (Netflix)

Ensemble Cast in a Drama Series

“Downton Abbey” (PBS)

Male Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries

Mark Ruffalo, “The Normal Heart” (HBO)

Female Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries

Frances McDormand, “Olive Kitteridge” (HBO)

Male Actor in a Comedy Series

William H. Macy, “Shameless” (Showtime)

Female Actor in a Comedy Series

Uzo Aduba, “Orange is the New Black” (Netflix)

Female Actor in a Drama Series

Viola Davis, “How to Get Away With Murder” (ABC)

Male Actor in a Drama Series

Kevin Spacey, “House of Cards” (Netflix)

sag awards


Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture


Stunt Ensemble in a Comedy or Drama Series

 “Game of Thrones”

Screen Actors Guild 51st Annual Life Achievement Award

Debbie Reynolds

sag awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the evening, especially to Debbie Reynolds for winning the 51st Annual Life Achievement Award! Such an honor!

Did you watch the SAG Awards on TV? Were you happy with the winners?

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Quiz: Celebrity Pets

January 26th, 2015

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celebrity pet quiz

Since all the celebs have been posting adorable photos of their pets recently (ahem, Demi Lovato‘s new fur baby Buddy is just too cute!), we thought it was time to take a quiz and see how well we really know the stars, their fuzzy besties, and what pet belongs to what celeb!

celebrity pet quiz

If you think you have what it takes to answer all the questions correctly, then take our quiz below and find out if you are indeed a “celebrity pet genius”!

After you take the quiz above, share your results with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear how well you did!

What other quizzes should we make? What is your celebrity pet status?

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Season 2 Premiere Pics For “I Didn’t Do It”

January 25th, 2015

I didn't Do It

The Disney Channel show “I Didn’t Do It” comes back for it’s second season on February 15th! The episode is titled “Slumber Partay” and is all about Lindy (played by Olivia Holt) who wants to throw an amazing slumber party with her besties Delia (played by Sarah Gilman) and Jasmine (played by Piper Curda). Of course, the three friends get in a ton of trouble though!

While the girls are busy with their sleepover, Logan (played by Austin North) and Garrett (played by Peyton Clark) turn Garrett‘s garage in to a man cave! Sounds fun, right? Not when you get trapped inside because of a wild animal attack!

Watch the funny season 2 premiere to see more, and check out some photo stills from the first episode below!

I didn't Do It

I didn't Do It

I didn't Do It

I didn't Do It

I didn't Do It

Are you excited for the new season of I Didn’t Do It to start? What do you think will happen this season?

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Is This the End of Disney’s “Jessie”?

January 24th, 2015

debby ryan


Uh oh! It sounds like maybe this season of the Disney show “Jessie” is the going to be the last one! Debby Ryan just shared the above photo on her Instagram page, stating,

“@kristin_ess and I had our final dye session of Jessie red || end of a hair era”

Though we very rarely see it, Debby is a natural blonde, and has to dye her hair red for the show. If this is her very last dye session, then she probably won’t be on the show anymore! And they can’t have a show called “Jessie” without the character “Jessie,” can they?

Additionally, actor Cameron Boyce recently shared something about a new television show he’d be starring in, which makes us think it really may be the end of the line for a Disney show we’ve come to love. We had a great time watching the first three seasons and will cherish this fourth and possibly last season as well!

Do you think “Jessie” is ending? What do you think Debby Ryan will do when it’s over?

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New Animated Posters For “Insurgent”

January 23rd, 2015


We completely loved the movie “Divergent,” and have really been looking forward to the next installment in the series to come out! “Insurgent,” the next chapter, will be hitting the big screen soon, on March 20th. It stars Shailene Woodley as Tris, Theo James as Four, Naomi Watts as Evelyn, Kate Winslet as Jeanine and Octavia Spencer as Johanna.


The movies are based on the book series by Veronica Roth and centers around 16-year-old Tris (formally known as Beatrice). Tris chooses a different life for herself and joins Dauntless, where she learns a lot more about herself, her family and the world that she thought she knew. In the second book (Insurgent), Tris is falling for Four, who will help her in her war against Jeanine and the Company.






The new movie posters released for “Insurgent” are totally perfect for the flick! There are regular ones (above) and there are animated ones (below)! Five in total, there is a different one for each of the main characters. Here are all five!

Which character portrait is your favorite? Are you excited to see “Insurgent”?

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Melissa Benoist is “Supergirl”

January 23rd, 2015


We’ve known for awhile that CBS was searching far and near for the perfect woman to cast as “Supergirl” in their upcoming DC comic book television series. Well, their search is finally over! You know her as “Marley” from Fox‘s “GLEE,” but you’ll soon have to refer to actress Melissa Benoist as “Kara!”

The role of Kara, also known as Kara Zor-El, is a great character. She is Superman‘s cousin, hailing from their home planet of Krypton. Amongst it’s destruction, Kara was able to escape to Earth and was taken in by a foster family, the Danvers. They taught her to reign in her powers and suppress them to keep her safe.

Years later, Kara is faced with a disaster that forces her to use her hidden powers in public. She decides to embrace her true self and start showing the world that Supergirl can be good, just like her cousin Superman!

We can’t wait to see Melissa in the role of Kara and are looking forward to seeing the first look trailers and photos when they are released. We’ll be sure to report back here and share them with you once they arrive!

What do you think about Melissa Benoist as “Supergirl”? Are you more or less likely to watch it now?

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Fashion Hot or Not Poll: Ellie Goulding’s London Style

January 22nd, 2015



British singer Ellie Goulding was spotted leaving Capital Radio in London, England this past Tuesday, January 20th. The musician wore a green jacket, black shirt, black jeans and black boots. Her look is a very casual one but somehow kind of classy at the same time! Must be all that black she is wearing together. It is the perfect look for walking around London.

The singer’s new music video for “Love Me Like You Do” just came out, so she’s been a busy girl. We’re just glad that even if she’s busy, she takes the time to inspire our fashionista side! What do you think about Ellie Goulding‘s laid back London look? Tell us in the comments below, and take our poll too!

Do you like Ellie Goulding's London look?

View Results

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Football Themed Snacks for Super Bowl XLIX

January 22nd, 2015



Super Bowl XLIX is coming up fast! It will take place on Sunday, February 1st at 6:30 PM on NBC, broadcast live from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It will be the Seattle Seahawks versus the New England Patriots in an epic throwdown!

Actress-singer Idina Menzel will be singing the national anthem to start the game, with John Legend performing “America the Beautiful” too. Halftime show performers will be Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. Now that you know everything important about the upcoming NFL game, we thought we’d move on to what we are really excited for- the snacks!

We found five amazing football themed treats that you will definitely want to make for your big Super Bowl party. Get ready for your belly to growl and check out our finds below!



How cute are these chocolate covered strawberries? We bet they are delicious, too! Find out how to make them at Domestic Fits!




These “Football Bites” have sausage and cheese on a cracker and are the perfect finger food for the big game! Get the recipe from Gimme Some Oven!




Everyone loves deviled eggs! Try these Spicy Sweet ones from My Recipes. Add chives to make them look like footballs!




Get someone to help you with this Fruit Carving and make an amazing watermelon football helmet! Fill it with fruit for a healthy but awesome snack.


football cupcakes


Don’t forget dessert! Make some yummy chocolate cupcakes via The Baker Chick! Decorate them to look like footballs and you’re all set!

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“Bella and the Bulldogs” Premiere!

January 21st, 2015


The series premiere of brand new Nickelodeon TV show “Bella and the Bulldogs” just came out on January 17th! The show is about a Texas girl named Bella (played by Brec Bassinger) who is a fantastic cheerleader at her school but who secretly wants to play football. During a big game, she picks up a football and throws it mega far catching the coach’s attention. He tells her to try out for Quarterback! Lots of her fellow students have a problem with a girl playing football, but she’ll show them!

If you haven’t had a chance to catch the premiere yet, titled “Newbie QB,” you can watch the entire episode on! If you just want to see a clip of the show, watch below!

What did you think of the first episode of “Bella and the Bulldogs”? Would you ever try out for the football team?

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New Book: “INKED” by Eric Smith

January 21st, 2015



Curling up with a good book is one of our favorite things to do in the Winter. Something about escaping to another land (maybe one that isn’t so cold!) while snuggled up on the couch is just so wonderful. We just got a brand new book that came out yesterday that we intend to do that with this week!

The YA book comes from Bloomsbury Spark and is titled “INKED” by author Eric Smith. It’s all about tattoos that control your fate, changing your destiny and fighting for what you believe in. The official description of it sounds so great, we really can’t wait to pick it up! Check out the description below:

“Tattoos once were an act of rebellion. 
Now they decide your destiny the moment the magical Ink settles under your skin. 

And in a world where Ink controls your fate, Caenum can’t escape soon enough. He is ready to run from his family, and his best friend Dreya, and the home he has known, just to have a chance at a choice. 

But when he upsets the very Scribe scheduled to give him his Ink on his eighteenth birthday, he unwittingly sets in motion a series of events that sends the corrupt, magic-fearing government, The Citadel, after him and those he loves. 

Now Caenum, Dreya, and their reluctant companion Kenzi must find their way to the Sanctuary, a secret town where those with the gift of magic are safe. Along the way, they learn the truth behind Ink, its dark origins, and why they are the only ones who can stop the Citadel.”

Doesn’t that sound seriously exciting!? The guys from the band Blue of Colors sure thought so! They were so inspired, that they wrote a song for the book titled “Run”! A book with it’s own theme song?! Amazing. Listen below!


Awesome! This book is going to be our new fave, we can tell already! And we’ll be singing “Run” in our heads the whole time we are reading it!

You can pick up “INKED” from Bloomsbury Publishing, or for your Kindle from Amazon!

Are you going to get a copy of “INKED” by Eric Smith? What do you think of the book cover and it’s theme song?

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