Why Play Dress Up Games Online?

April 27th, 2011

The Barbie doll has been popular with girls for a quite a few generations now and its popularity has a lot to do with how it helps girls explore their creativity. But you can’t just buy one doll. Now there is a Barbie for every occasion and every ethnic group. Plus she comes with a bunch of friends who also cost as much. For the careworn parent, tired of spending on Barbie and all her accessories, the world where you can play dress up games online comes as a huge relief. Now your children can dress up as many dolls as they like and that too for free. All they need is their imagination and creativity to get lost in a world of fantasy, where there are hundreds of avatars to choose from and as many ways to dress them up.

The opportunity to play dress up games online offers many advantages for you and your kids!

Let’s face it, buying dolls and a wide range of accessories for the dressing up exercise is an expensive feat for any parent. More so, when you consider the fact that this precious play equipment could be rendered useless in a few years or even months, it seems like a waste of money. When your princess chooses to play dress up games online, it is a cost effective alternative. There are quite a few games that can be played for free. Even if you need to buy some of them, the amount is far less than the handsome spends on Barbie dresses and accessories. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

When your little one decides to play dress up games online, she can actually access a wide range of options. The variety available online is mind boggling, with complete makeovers, hairstyles to choose from, accessories, costumes for specific events, such as Halloween, and much more. Remember, the whole idea behind these games is to fuel creativity and the designers of these games make sure that there is enough choice available to keep interest in the game alive for a long time to come.

Playing these games also provides a platform for youngsters to meet and interact with like-minded peers. The social networking option that many game sites provide forms a great way to share the playing experience with others.

These games help the child develop a sense of identity and greater confidence. She also has the opportunity to participate in competitions and events arranged by the gaming site.


So, check out the options available to play dress up games online and give your daughter a chance to explore a whole new world of creativity.



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4 Responses to “Why Play Dress Up Games Online?”

  • jr12345670 says:

    CDE dolls are the best!

  • DaseyLover13 says:

    It’s true. I never get tired of playing dress up games :D I’m almost 13 and I STILL play them. It’s quite funny cause I find dolls from real life to be a tad boring for me to play with. The last time I had a doll was a few years ago and that was when I realized that dolls were just not my thing anymore. But dressing up dolls online? I can play those games for hours!

  • Mikhaile says:

    100% correct

  • ikdan says:

    I luv to dress up dolls on here! Its fun seeing what they look good in and their personalitys.

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