Your Favorite Animal And What It Means

November 12th, 2007

Everyone has a favorite animal. Sometimes they are fictional animals like dragons and unicorns and sometimes they are real animals like zebras and tigers. No matter what, there is a reason why your favorite animal is your favorite animal. You may not necessarily KNOW it, but it’s there. Here are some common favorite animals and what it is that they symbolize:

    Alligators tend to snap out at people for no specific reason. You might have a secret longing to do this and get away with it if this is your favorite animal.

    Bats are supposedly very intuitive. This means you might be the kind of person who does, or wants to, see the real meanings behind everything in your life that comes your way.

    Butterflies are wonderful examples of resiliency which means that no matter what happens to you, you can bounce back and be beautiful and new again. If a butterfly is your personal favorite, you probably appreciate the qualities listed above and may already have them in you.

    Cats are notorious (well known through reputation) for being independent creatures. This is a very good quality to have, but you should make sure you don’t stray too far from connections with other people like cats sometimes do.

    Deer are one of the most graceful and elegant creatures that live on this earth. They are gentle, mild, and considered to be “pure”. If the deer is your favorite, you might be a little bit shy, but totally beautiful.

    Dogs are known as one of the most loyal animals of all. If you are as loyal as a dog, you will make a lot of lasting friends throughout your life and probably not spend your life worried that people will betray you, either.

    Dolphins are known mostly for their intelligence. But not only are they incredibly smart, but they also are gorgeous creatures. If this is your favorite animal, you probably are also smart and possibly gorgeous, too!

    Dragons symbolize the untamed natural world. Although they can seem scary, they are actually said to ward off evil. If this is your favorite animal, you are probably unique in your own rights but have a good heart.

    Elephants stand for a lot of things. From a great memory to intelligence to strength, they are a well-respected animal. They’re also incredibly different from other animals in many aspects. The elephant symbolizes independence and wisdom more than anything else.

    Horses have a wild nature that cannot be tamed. They have spirits of their own and are, obviously, one of the most beautiful creatures around. You are probably very independent with dreams totally of your own if this is your favorite animal.

    Lions are said to be leaders and there’s a lot of truth to this. They are brave and they walk a path of their own. You are probably very strong and a natural leader, as well, if you would pick the lion as your favorite animal.

    Monkeys are playful, smart, and are said to ward of evil, just like the dragon. If you would pick the monkey as your favorite animal, you’re probably all of the above! Except for the warding off evil part..maybe you do..maybe you don’t…how can you tell?

    Turtles are known for being quietly strong, but also for avoiding responsibility at times. You might be like the turtle in some ways if you’d pick this as your favorite animal…so make sure you don’t avoid your own responsibilities in life!

    Unicorns are mythical creatures that stand for an extension of the reality as well as intelligence They are beautiful and magical at the same time. If this is your favorite animal, you probably live in a dream world but your dreams lead to wonderful things.

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