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Joining the CDE Fan Club comes with many awesome benefits:

  • Access to over 100 new dolls, including exclusive superdolls that took over a month each to create.

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  • CDE Fan Club members have a greater chance of winning the opportunity to meet or speak to their favorite celebrity. When CDE has contests or celebrity chat sessions, half of the winners will always come from the Fan Club. That means Fan Club members have a much higher chance of winning.

  • CDE Fan Club members get 100 CDE Points per month, which can be redeemed for various prizes, privileges, and opportunities. Soon you will be able to use these points to customize your own rooms and personal dolls.

  • The first 1000 people to get year-long memberships will earn the right to sponsor a doll for one year, meaning they will get their name underneath their favorite doll (subject to availability)!

  • All Fan Club members will take part in the development of CDE by voting on new features and rating current features.

CDE Fan Club Exclusive Dolls Preview

Hula Girl

Broadway Star

Sae Kashiwagi

Makeover Anime Doll


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