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To our MyCDE Users,

After 7.5 years, it's time for us to say goodbye to MyCDE.

We still remember the day we launched MyCDE. Christmas morning 2007, our countless hours of building this little social network over the previous few months was like a Christmas gift to all of you. We remember setting it live, watching as you all signed up - your clever usernames, your avatars dressed up in those very first free items, your very first blog posts. It was just as exciting for us at it was for all of you. We always knew it would be something special, but we never knew just how far it would come.

Countless friendships made, blogs posted, avatars sold. You guys loved this little slice of the internet just as much as we did. Your feedback was always so important to us and helped shaped the future of the site. New features were always inspired by the way all of you used the site, the suggestions you made, your likes and dislikes.

It's heartbreaking for us to say goodbye to MyCDE. It's a huge part of us, just like it's a part of you - but the time has unfortunately come. We'd like to say thank you to each and every one of you who used and loved our little social network. As you all grow up and move on with your lives, MyCDE may fade from your memories, but it will certainly never fade from ours. It's been a truly special few years, and we hope you all stick around for what's next in the world of CDE.

Thanks for the memories,
fierycupcake and the MyCDE Staff


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