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♫▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄♫.♥95%of people would faint or pas out if Selena Gomez jumped off a building,4% would yell jump. If you are the 1% that would push her off copy this on to ur profile ♥CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES ; rainbows, clouds; nail art;...

thief, , People who think they're Awesome, people who ask for CD's

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Star dust, Hannah Montana the Movie, Tooth fiery, Avatar,...

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That's so Raven, Hannah montana, Wizard of Wiverly Place( I like Wizards:PPP)

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Party in the USA, Playing with Fire, Meet me Half Way, Boom Boom Pow,wedding dress; G-market party; heart breaker

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Black and pink

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Alice In Wonderland

If u can dream it, U can do it!!!◕‿◕




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02-14-12 1:58 am
hun i can't wait for you anymore. if you dont accept soon, i will report you and ask a a staff member for my 4,000 cds back.

02-14-12 1:54 am
I have Emo Wings from you WL! let me know how much your willing to pay for it if you want it.

02-14-12 1:45 am
sweety. can you please accept already? i have other stuff to do on here, and i wanna get this out of the way...please accept my offer already. thank you.

02-14-12 1:28 am
offered. and another question: can i borrow your bank money for like half an hour? just for interest, because i dont have any money in my bank now lol so is it okay if i borrow yours to get some interest and then send your money back to you?

02-14-12 1:22 am
hey :) im just wondering, can i pay you 6000 cds in total for cutie cupid instead of 7000? cuz that's all i can manage to save these days...

02-13-12 6:41 am
Do You Want Fashion Doll Packaging For Free? :3

02-12-12 12:25 am
sent it. :)

02-12-12 12:23 am
okay just remove it from your store, so then i can send you 4000 cds, and tomorrow hopefully ill offer the 3,000 on cutie cupid and you'll accept. it's easier that way.

02-12-12 12:16 am
and to make it easier, just post the leftover money i owe you in the little pink box on your profile, so i know how much i have left to pay you.

02-12-12 12:15 am
2.500 or 3,000...



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