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What's up, everyone? My name is Bailey! I love Italian food...yummy!! I have 3 cute little doggies named, Abby, Amber ad Bambi! :D I really eat 'bout anything that I think is tasty including a lot of junk food but I never get fat...awkward! I weigh 67 pounds and I'm 14! if ya wanna know where I live here ya go....I live where you don't! ;) 'N' leave me soe rep. and keep visiting me...:D "Wait" if you wannna know more just ask, thx!

I Dont Know My Dislikes....I Dont Even Think I Have Any...Do I?

Fav Books

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Hunger Games, Toy Story, Tinkerbell, Rio, Rango, Hop...that's 'bout all of it!

Fav TV Show
I heart T.V. I watch a lot of of favorite's is SpongeBob :P, If You Have A Problem With That Then Dont Add Me, Thank You! :)

Fav Music
One Direction, The Black Eyed Peas, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato and ya....that's about it!

Fav Color
Every color of "my" rainbow!

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You only live once so live it your fullest!




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05-13-12 11:26 am
wht u doing for mothers day

05-13-12 11:26 am
wht u doing for mothers day

03-31-12 9:19 pm
go on at 9;00 plz

03-30-12 11:56 pm
i'm good, you? :)

03-29-12 11:15 am
disturbed face is saved for you, you have 4 days ^^

03-07-12 11:44 pm
nothing much, you? :3

03-03-12 11:25 am
sorry then :/

03-03-12 11:14 am
and sorry, 200 is my price for yawn face.

03-03-12 11:12 am
hi :3

02-29-12 12:40 am
i'll check it out ^^



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