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My Best Friend :
Kristy! :)

My Best Friend :
Kim! :P
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Hmmm, instead of likes, i shall tell you cdeians about myself :D I am 19, I go on this site for the fun of it, and to getaway from life. If you get to know me more. You will realize I am cartoon-ey! Why? Because it's who I am and I want to pursue animation!!! Get to know me more? Ask me anything! I try to go on here when I have a chance!

Hmm, i dislike....bullies, bugs, mean people, rude guys, people who take advantage of others, people who don't listen, fake people...and more...

Fav Books

Fav Movie
Rush hour, Twilight, The Lorax, 13 going on 30, Lion king 1 & 2, Spirited away, Snow flower and the secret fan, Mulan and more...I'm a huge fan of animated films though!

Fav TV Show
I like the old shows that don't go on too courage the cowardly dog, Ed Ed and Eddy, Powerpuff Girls, but current ones The Regular SHOW, The Vampire Diaries, Catfiish, Washington Heights, Face off and more, I mostly like the older shows! Most of my favorite cartoon shows are only on BOOMERANG!

Fav Music
Pretty much a little bit of everything! but some of my favorites are The Script, Linkin Park and Joe Hisaishi! Check em' out? You might like them too! & If you do, we definitely have something to talk about!

Fav Color

Favorite CDE Doll:

My dream CAREER is animation! What's yours? Please do tell? By adding me, and commenting your answer to me! :D




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05-18-14 3:25 pm
Hey(: And yess i was a big hunger games fan in like 2010 haha

03-11-14 11:36 am
i thought i had two of them but i only have one so i cant sell it sorry

03-11-14 11:28 am
I think I will decline because it costs more than 1mil or if you like we can trade check my WL?

03-11-14 11:28 am
I think I will decline because it costs more than 1mil or if you like we can trade check my WL?

03-11-14 11:26 am
It's actually two pieces from the Pure White PG Pack. The items are called Pure Elegance Hair and Elegantly Long Hair Extension. The names might be a little off... :)

03-11-14 11:26 am
ill offer now

03-11-14 11:23 am
Yes :) It's from shopping spree pack & elegantly long hair extension from the pure white collection pack :)

03-11-14 11:23 am
name a price range because i have no idea how much they are worth

03-11-14 11:21 am
Hello! Was my offer okay? Because I love to trade as well! :)

03-11-14 11:14 am
the items i have of your wishlist which i am willing to sell are: wild waves, beautiful bow pigtails, fluffy volume and steam punk goggles



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