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My Alter Ego :
all my besties!!!!

My Alter Ego :
Christmas time! :)
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first my name's brittany, im 15, my birthday's may 17th.LIKES:hot topic,spencers, wet seal,clairs,sharks, snakes(sssss), lizards, any reptile really(except iguanas haha) XP, all cats & cat related animals, CANDY 8P, ANIME, playing guitar, singing, cooking, and ANYTHING BATMAN!!!!

JUSTIN BEIBER(gross) rude people, spiders(eeeewwww), peoples who steels my candy (my little sister), haters, and posers

Fav Books

Fav Movie
avatar, labyrinth, all the harry potter movies,the Jurassic park trilogy, the jaws trilogy(sharks eat people) xP PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (best movie EVER!!!), and the Batman movies!!

Fav TV Show
black butler,billy the exterminator, adventure time, regular show, beyond scared straight, burn notice, once upon a time,Dog the bounty hunter, merlin(yeah, I'm kinda a nerd!), THE WALKING DEAD!! (who doesn't LOVE this show?!?!), Arrow, and Hell on wheels!

Fav Music
PANIC! AT THE DISCO(fav song:ALL SONGS),my chemical romance,boys like girls, veer union, black stone cherry, linkin park, chris daughtry, blood on the dance floor, three days grace,CHRISTINA GRIMMY!!!(love her hair!!!!),andy grammer, FALL OUT BOY XP (fav song, my songs know what you did in the dark (light em' up), sleeping with sirens, woe is me, black viel brides, mumford and sons, & of monsters and men.

Fav Color
Seafoam Green and silver!!

Favorite CDE Doll:
Hello Kitty

Even heroes have the right to bleed.




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05-16-14 4:34 pm
Oh, that's cool:3

Yeah, it's pretty good. I'd recommend watching it;)

05-16-14 4:30 pm
Your mum? Oh, are you at a parents evening or something?;o

S/t Trinians 2. It's been out for a while I know, but I've haven't actually seen it before:L

05-16-14 4:22 pm
Oh, sucks. How much longer have you got to wait?;L

I'm just watching a film:3

05-16-14 4:12 pm
That's good:)
I'm fine thanks.
So what's up?

05-16-14 4:06 pm
oh i just wanna know heh

05-16-14 3:59 pm
do u know what 3 ft 1 inch in cm

05-16-14 3:57 pm
You're welcome;)
Thanks for the friend request, hehe.
So how are you?

05-11-14 8:26 pm
*jaw drops* You're so evil. *laughs and stuffs hand in pocket* I love it. I'm Kirito.

05-11-14 8:15 pm
Definitely understandable. *laughs and nods* But pinkie promise me you'll give me two days tops to get the money before someone else can buy them? *puppy eyes*

05-05-14 4:58 pm
I have taped glasses from your wish list :o



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