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Playing sports, cookie dough ice cream, and soft pillows.

When people are a bad sport, or when they just give up and stop trying.

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Captain America, The Blind Side, Mean Girls, 17 Again♥ She's Out of My League, The Help, The Kings Speech, & Places in the Heart

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Toddlers and Tiaras, Falling Skies, Chelsea Lately, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and award shows(:

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Lana Del Rey, Macklemore, Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus

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Nicole Kidman

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06-28-13 8:03 pm
And I sent you perfectly hip glasses from your WL. :) haha

06-28-13 8:02 pm
All I know was that CDE had a glitch or something. And users got millions of CDs. BTW sorry for the late reply earlier, I had to go to my violin lesson. X)

06-28-13 7:51 pm
OMG.. Ikr!?!? Remember when wanted rates were like 6000 CDs and that was considered expensive? Now it's like 1,000,000,000,000..

06-28-13 7:33 pm
Really? Man, that's pretty sad. I'm probably just here for the conversation, too. If all people talk to me about is items, I would leave LOL
Items aren't everything ._.
And I'll add ya on too. None of my bffs ever get on anymore so haven't had an ongoing convo in a bit c:

06-28-13 7:06 pm
I probably talk to max 10 people on here omfg
I think it's like
THE GREED for me
I just want to collect the wanted items, and once that's done, I'll feel satisfied and leave
But I don't even know anymore omfg why am i here im almost 16 years old

06-28-13 6:54 pm
Yesss! Like,I have this place like on my bookmarks bc i don't want to be typing that long name up in the url but whenever I have friends over, honestly *deletes bookmark* since it says Best Dress Up Games and judginggg. HAHAHAH. Gosh, I want to leave but at the same time I can't.
And it's pretty ridic how many teens and adults are on here though. o.o

06-28-13 6:52 pm
omg. OMG!!!!!! ive been wanting that item for so LONG!!!!! thank you soooooooooooooooooo much!!! AHHH!!!!IM SO HAPPY!!!!

06-28-13 6:47 pm
I can't escape CDE either haha.
I came back to this place after like 2 years of quitting
and I was intending on just checking how things have changed, selling off my items, and moving on

06-28-13 6:44 pm
I know! But it's like..
they're PRETTY pictures.
HAHAH. And I'm there for the humor too (;
I have no life oh goD

06-28-13 6:38 pm
Thank you so much!!! ;A; *Hugs*



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