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10 days to Christmas

My Alter Ego :
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Hello! I am a sixteen year old ginger who sings, dances, and creates the art. I have various names depending on who you ask. You can call me Rebekah or Bekah though. I like many different things. I like learning and experiencing and knowledge. I especially like maths and science. English is a favorite too because I write so much. I love my advanced choir class because we're all like a huge family. Color Guard is my home away from home. Five years of it and of course it becomes a big thing. I like puns and corny stupid jokes. I love to read. I'm open to any book and love suggestions. I also love art. I like drawing, painting, doodling, pixel art, and photography. I do all of these and will frequently share them. I don't watch a whole lot of TV but I do watch movies and my favorite shows on Netflix. I'm pretty friendly, just trying to change my life around and find myself.

cut/depression/mom/c ancer/r.ape/murder or any type of joke like that. Seriously stop with that. Most Halloween costumes that they try and sell. Darkness, Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke, ladybugs or rather any bug in general. When people think it's okay to pick on my friends or family. Do not. I will not tolerate it. Hate.

Fav Books

Fav Movie
Donnie Darko, Harry Potter, 500 Days of Summer, Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, The Hobbit, Star Trek, Atonement, Eat Pray Love, Julie and Julia, and many many more.

Fav TV Show
Supernatural, Doctor Who, Ravenswood, Pretty Little Liars, Extreme Homemaker Edition, NCIS, Arrow, Sherlock, Elementary

Fav Music
This is a question you must ask specifically. I have a wide variety of music I love. Honestly.

Fav Color

Favorite CDE Doll:

"Crying isn't a sign of weakness. From birth, it shows us we are alive."




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Comment Board

12-08-13 1:06 pm
OH MY GOOOOOOSH MANN congratulations!!! Not just dancer but head dancer too!! C': you're gonna have so much fun with it too.
I do believe you that GREAT THINGS will come from this.


12-06-13 4:22 pm
I'm sorry but

you just gotta have moments in your life where you dance embarrassingly in front of people. I think it's probably a requirement for the afterlife or something.
We've all had that moment, man.

11-28-13 10:33 pm
OH AND I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely. ^__^

11-28-13 10:32 pm
I love those marathon days. Especially when they're unplanned.
My old best friend Liza and I used to have Harry Potter movie marathons once a year and we'd watch every movie in order nonstop.
'Twas a good time.

11-28-13 10:30 pm
Ahhh sorry for late replies again!! :<
But it's okay that last week sucked because this week has been really great so far.

But OMG MAN. My school did Footloose last year and it was amazing!! You're gonna have so much fun. :'I

11-23-13 10:30 pm
But yea I'm good now!! I went to my school's play on and joined art club and presented my art portfolio to my class... alllll on Friday. Busy day. Today I went to therapy and then to IHop.
It was a good day. u__u

How about you? ^__^

11-23-13 10:28 pm
Sorry for the late response. I had a really crappy week and wasn't up for CDE or talking to people.
But anywhoo, that's an awesome gift idea for your friend. I'm sure he'll love it. :'> Makin sure he doesn't commit the ultimate fashion crime: The Fedora.

11-17-13 8:08 pm
I thought I responded to your comment but maybe I didn't??

Yo u're an odd one. Getting excited for Christmas shopping. (what's his present?) ouo

11-16-13 3:06 pm
I love your hair either way, man!!

Online pretend shopping. I feel you there.
You've already bought Christmas presents???

11-16-13 1:44 am
why am I never able to finish my comments.......




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