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Hi my names Mariah i'm 17 ill turn 18 this november and im in 10th grade and no i did not get held back i started school late any way i am currently single.,my number one thing i like is jesus ( im not afaird to tell you im a christian),mostly friends, and anime is the greatest love to watch all kinds and right now im on Full Metal Panic it's really cool also i love to read books my friends keep callin me a nerd but i just say bugger off XD and i keep reading lol,Shawn(_sourpatch es_)he is so nice and every time i read one of his comments it puts a smile on my face every time i luv ya shawn AND YOU ARE MY BEST GUY FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD AND NO ONE CAN REPLACE YOU,cats,cute boys, good friends and it doesnt matter if there different k, animals,,people who love animals,And ilove my best friend luna411 she's the best ever!AND I LOVE MY FRIENDS TO DEATH!!!!!!! btw add Ryan(iRyandog) and Kiyo(luna411) they rock there nice and fun to talk to!!^_^

snakes,spiders,remem bering painful memories,people that hate animals,people who juge g.ay ppl or bi ppl it ticks me off so much and it drives me into insanity i dont think u want to see my uncool side, mean people, people making fun of other people,i hate it when people get snappy, and i hate when people juge me for who i am and not knowing me first, i hate when my grandma tells me what to do, and I HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE MEAN TO MY FRIENDS THAT REALLY TICKS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!! and also u jk not really i love u^_^

Fav Books

Fav Movie
,AQUAMARINE,taken,gr own ups,happy feet,thirteen going on thirty,and princesses bride, and anything tht's not well scary cuz uhh well u dont want to here me scream lol

Fav TV Show
prince of tennis,zatch bell,mew mew tokyo,fruits basket,ouran high school host club,stoked,6teen, mermaid melody, INUYASHA, anything anime really

Fav Music
a lot just ask and i will tell you but if i tell you dont make rude comments about it cause i like wht i like k ^_^

Fav Color
pink,lime green,and purple

Favorite CDE Doll:

Take a chance and make a change. Take a stand and make a change. TAKE A CHANCE AND A STAND SAVE A LIFE. stop the cyberbullying .




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08-22-12 5:19 pm
You don't fully believe in me, yet?!?! O.O' xx

08-17-12 9:31 pm
Check it out if you want? :)

08-17-12 9:12 pm
Want me to Help?
And you can d Copy-paste, right?

08-17-12 9:07 pm
ow many times did you post te blog?

08-17-12 9:03 pm
You shoud ask for people to repost on your blog (But give you credit), and ask friends to post about it.

07-29-12 2:22 pm
Ohh.. but when was this? xx
I don't think they would be too strict, unless it's a really good school and they're trying to keep up their reputation :3 xx

07-28-12 4:06 pm
WOAHH, really?
i think they're saying it so you're not such a clutz xx But I don't think the punishments are that bad, they actually can't keep you in for that long. Like if teachers threaten to give you an afterschool detention they won't be able to unless they have your parent's concern x

07-28-12 3:54 pm
Awhh it will be fine :3
I know how it feels x Actually it's more laid back then you think :)
You become much more independent tho, but that's a good thing x x

07-28-12 3:45 pm
Ahh, but sometimes it gets boring x
Like I do miss it at times, if I'm honest. but i love my lay-ins :):) xx

07-28-12 3:32 pm
Ahh I see :3
I've literally just started mineee! Not even two weeks yet?
I'm from England so our holiday started like a month after yours x



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