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I have three sisters. Chawntel 20, Daisy 16, Chloe 7 and 2 brothers Mark 16 and Alexander 6. I have two god sisters Aries 5 and Ravin 10.

SPIDERS an bugs AND MEAN PEOPLE. Math Definetly

Fav Books

Fav Movie
bring it on:in it to win it. zombie land. easy A. my bABYsitter's a vampire. ella enchanted. disaster movie. princess. B ad teacher. zookeeper.

Fav TV Show
Buffy the vampire slayer Degrassi ( All degrasi seasons ) my babysitter's a vampire vampire diares the secret circle

Fav Music
Katey Perry, Josh Kay, Christina Grimmie, Selena Gomez, Carly Rae Jepson, Niki Minaj, Drake, Victoria Justice, Avril Lavinge, Demetra Lavoto and many morez

Fav Color
Neon Colors (who dosent love th

Favorite CDE Doll:

yesterday is history. Tororrow is a mystery. Today is gift thats why its called the present




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07-19-12 2:03 am
Hello ,

I am running for Cutest Member & Best Dressed Avatar. I would be thankful and happy if you voted for me REALLY REAALLLYY REAAALLLYY thankful!!.....that is if you have not decided or nominated yet.......

Check my avatars!!!

so nominate me??

PS: are you running for something too?? well go ahead and let me know & you might get my vote

07-16-12 11:49 am
Sure :)

07-16-12 1:22 am
Hello, I Am Running For Most Likely To Become a CDE Staff Member And Was Wondering If You Would Vote For Me? You Can See All My Reasons Inside My Blog In The Superstar Blog Section. If You Are Running For Anything And Would Like Me To Vote For You Then Let Me Know.

Thank You For Your Time! :)

P.S. Sorry If I Already Sent You This =)

07-14-12 1:46 am
'Vas Happenin ;DD lulz o- o

07-14-12 1:40 am
hey, plz come to my store, i'm runnig low on cd's

07-14-12 1:26 am
Hi :D (sorry, just talking to everyone that's online on my friends list)

07-11-12 8:21 pm
hi :)

07-08-12 1:26 am
Thank you :)

07-05-12 1:44 am
u have clinical depression.

07-03-12 4:38 pm
Hello (:



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