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As you probably know, california is also called the sun state. this is exactly why this beautiful girl has just decided to go there for a well-deserved vacation. her plan is to have tons of fun with her friends, go to the beach, where she wants to sunbathe, go surfing and hang out. in order for her to be a true california girl, she needs to prepare herself to be able to make an appearance. what better way to prepare oneself than through a full makeover? this is the part where you come in. our lovely california girl has requested your help. she wants to look really stunning on this trip, so a makeover is just the right thing she needs. you will use only the best products that are available to prepare her skin for the californian sun, and make her skin look gorgeous and radiant. there still are a few steps to be taken in order for her makeover to be complete. firstly, you should choose an appropriate outfit for her, that will leave her looking like a california princess, and amaze the people around her. after having chosen the outfit she will wear, you should then do her natural, beautiful makeup. it should be a day appropriate makeup that will only enhance her natural features. have fun helping this adorable girl get ready for the california fun she is going to have with her friends!

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