Panda Bears – By Miki and Anna

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Baby Panda



Fun Facts About Pandas

  • The Chinese call the panda the ”Large Bear-Cat”.
  • The United States got it´s first panda in a zoo in 1936.
  • The panda was believed to have mystical powers in Ancient China.
  • Pandas often sleep in trees.
  • A human eats approx 5 pounds of food everyday, while a panda eats between 20-40 pounds.
  • A giant panda will raise between 5-8 cubs during a lifetime.
  • Pandas often tumble and roll in a somersault because it is easier for them then to run.
  • Panda bears can be extremely dangerous if threatened. Despite their cuddly looks, they are just like any other wild bear.
  • Pandas love Cartoon Doll Emporium.

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